Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Sentai: Male Non-Rubber Suit Villains

We know there is villainesses (female antagonists), many of them in Super Sentai are actresses without rubber suits (many are not rubber, but you know what I mean) like the monsters. Most male villains, you don't see a human face. In Power Rangers, there is quite a few, but Super Sentai its been much less recently (they had more before 1992). But of course, they have such more, like around 47 male 'humanoid' villains.

Black Cross Fuehrer (Goranger)At first you only saw him in a white robe and later you could only see his face.

Iron Claw (JAKQ)Silver robed figurehead and 'God Father' of the Crime organization. Iron Claw, while appearing human was later revealed to be a cyborg much like his foes, JAKQ and Big One.

Commander Hedda (Battle Fever J)
High priest of Egos. Later becomes the Hedda Monster and is slain as such by Battle Fever.
Omnipotent Demon King (Denjiman)
Half-naked, musclebound space wanderer. He offers help to Queen Hedrian but eventually takes the Vader Clan leadership for himself. General Hedrer was a Field commander.

General Deathgiller, Grand Marshal Deathmark, and Dr. Igaana (Goggle V)
After not human MALE faces were seen in Sun Vulcan, there was quite a few in Goggle V. Deathgiller was Swordsman field commander in black and piloted the last of the Kongs, Bear Kong. Grand Marshal Deathmark was the Pharaoh-like commander brought back to life by Taboo. Igaana was a Dark Scientist iguana-man who builds beast-motif robots. Put to death by Deathmark.

General Kar and Megiddo (Dynaman)
General Kar was a Scientist. Megiddo was a warrior.

Doctor Man, Prince, Mason, and Monster (Bioman)
Doctor Man enhanced his intellect and body with cyborg implants, Dr. Kageyama plans to conquer the world with his army of mecha humans. Prince (not pictured) was allegedly the son of Doctorman. Later exposed to be a mere mechaclone modelled after Shuuichi, Dr. Man's son. Junichi (the real son) and Silver, disguise themselves as the Black Prince to infiltrate Neograd. Mason was The leader of a trio who once plotted against Doctorman himself. Armed with a staff which fires bolts. Later rebuilt and armed with Meison Rockets and Meison Machinegun. Human was strong but less than half as smart. Likes to work with the monster Ju-Oh a lot. Initially armed with a huge axe, later upgraded and armed with Black Mace, Iron Paw.

Commander Giluke and Star King Bazo0 (Changeman)
Commander Giluke was in charge of the invasion of Earth from Girath. Once plotted against Bazoo. Dies and returns as Ghost Giluke (later Super Giluke and the Space Beast Warrior Giluke). and Star King Bazoo looked human but was actually a projection of the living planet Gozmastar.

Great Doctor Lee Keflen and Ley Wanda/Wandarla (Flashman)
Great Doctor Lee Keflen was a Geneticist and Creator of the Beast Warriors. Originally from Earth. Ley Wanda/Wandarla Winged zebra-like field commander who can transform into the utterly bestial Wandarla.

Sir Cowler and Bo Gardan (Flashman)
Sir Cowler was Boss of the Alien Hunters, armed with a whip. Kidnapped the five Earth babies who would grow up to be the Flashmen twenty years ago. Bo Gardan was Second in command of the Alien Hunters.

Thief Knight Kiros (Maskman)
Equestrian who loves Ial. Armed with a knife and sickle. Special attack: Crescent Screw.

Prince Igam, Commander Baraba and Ninja Oyobur (Maskman)
Prince Igam was True heir to the throne. A woman raised as a man. Ends up a nun after realizing the error of his/her ways. Commander Baraba was a Buff swordsman of the Baluga Tribe. Earth Imperial Ninja Oyobur was a Red-skinned, pointy-eared ninja of the Buyon Tribe.

Great Professor Bias, Doctor Kempu and Doctor Ashura (Liveman)
Great Professor Bias Leader of Volt Believes in no one but himself and controls his trio of officers with the allure of evil science. Looks down upon the Earth and its inhabitants with contempt aboard the orbiting space station Brainbase. Doctor Kempu was a Formerly Tsukikata Kenji, Yuusuke's rival at Academia. Formerly Busujima Arashi, underworld figure, who became a super genius after receiving an evil education from Bias. Gained the ability to 'Cyber Body Split' and generate the Shurer Three.

Dr. Rehda and Yamimaru the Wandering Violent Demon (Turboranger)
Dr. Rehda was Bearded, aged genius mystic. Yamimaru plotted the downfall of Ragorn with Kirika. Changes into student Nagareboshi Hikaru. Originally shaggy-haired, he later gains flashy red and black armor.

Garoa Captain and Billion Best (Fiveman)
Garoa Captain of the battleship Vulgyre in black and grey armor over red clothes. Armed with a sword. Billion Best was swordsman in the galaxy. White-maned in white armor over blue tights.

Shubalie (Fiveman)
Former captain of the Vulgyre.

Radiguet and
Emperor Tranza (Jetman)
Cold-hearted officer who is the nearest presence to a leader of Vyram and will do anything to accomplish his goals, even help Jetman themselves. Toran became Emperor Tranza and seized leadership of Vyram. He wielded the Boltranza longsword.

Toran (Jetman)
A psychokinetic child who specialized into creating monsters based on children's playthings to satisfy his fun desires, and thought both enemy or ally fatalities as "just part of the fun".

Kai (Zyuranger)
Kai was Bandora's son who was killed by Dinosaurs because he smashed some dino eggs. He was brought back to life and dead again, he was a minor character.

Lt. Colonel Shadam and Major Zaidosu (Dairanger)
Leader and goon of the Gorma. They both had metal faces they'd whip out from time to time but in the end, they turned out to be clay copies of themselves, both ended in a big bang of trouble.

Gorma Emperor XV (Dairanger)
He is an extremely powerful entity, though has a bit of Alzheimer's and insanity. His outfit was later used for Master org in Wild Force.

Akomaru and General Tenpou (Dairanger)
Akomaru was son of Shadam, though the two despise each other fiercely. He fought a lot with his brother Kou. General Tenpou was a Gorma who is second in command to the Emperor and Akomaru's teacher and guardian.

Gasha Skull and Dr. Yugami Hagase (Kakuranger)
Gasha Skull had a rocker alias. Yugami was A youkai scientist who created replicas of Youkai monsters from kidnapped children for Tengu in episode 12. After Tengu's defeat, Yugami came under the services of Junior. He specializes in making mechanical weapons and armor for Youkai. He was killed by a slim piece of the Demon Sealing Door which was shattered by Super Kakure Dai Shogun in episode 31.

Dr. Hinelar (Megaranger)
After no human faces at all for Ohranger and no male faces for Carranger, we got Dr. Hinelar in Megaranger and then another lull until Dekaranger movie and Gekiranger, unless you count AbareKiller in Abaranger. He used to be the cybernetic scientist Dr. Samejima. He did studies on space exploring suits and lost his beloved daughter in one of this experiments, severely harming his reputation and scarring him forever.

Vulgar (Dekaranger)
Leader of the Algolians and there were two male Algolians who briefly had human faces.

Gahja (Boukenger)
I completely forgot this old guy, the ruler of the Gordom Civilization. He made the Karths and the other groups would occasionally use them. He didn't make a lot of monsters but was responsible for making the Questers out of the Ashu. And he was the final villain in the series.

Rio (Gekiranger)
A male human face in a long time, we all know his story. He was just a child when his entire family was murdered by a monster during a thunderstorm. Since that event, Rio sought to be stronger. He was discovered by Master ShaFu and was raised by him. Now he is his rival. He defected to the RinJyuKen Akugata's allure of great power. At the beginning of the series, Rio sought to revive the Kenma (Three Fist Demons), creators of the RinJyuKen. Makirika stole the Fist Demon Bracelets for Rio. He called forth the Five Venom Fists to obtain Braco's hidden Rinki, the True Poison, to revive the Fist Demons.

Long (Gekiranger)
I forgot about Long. Ron revealed to everyone he was responsible for Maku creating RinJyuDen and wanted him to be a God of Destruction, but once he was sealed, he had designs for Rio. Ron actually hates his human form, as he is immortal and dislikes humanity for their mortality. Never being able to die, he is bored and wants some 'fun.'

Juzo Fuwa (Shinkenger)
When he contracts a fatal illness, Juzo enters the Sanzu River to cheat death, completely discarding the goodness in his heart to become a Gedou, a half-Gedoushu that can freely exist in both realms and keep his human form. As a result, Juzo is condemned with an insatiable urge to find an ideal opponent, a fellow samurai who strays from the teachings of bushido, to clash blades with, saying his katana, Uramasa hungers for it.

Basco (Gokaiger)
Basco ta Jolokia is a privateer who travels with his space monkey Sally on the allied Zangyack ship Free Joker, his code of conduct being to discard something to get a more precious item. Though he lost the chest to Captain Marvelous, Basco obtained the Ranger Keys of the Sixth Rangers and extra Sentai heroes which were still in space. He uses a trumpet-like device to conjure them to fight for him.

 Enter (Go-Busters)
Main antagonist, well the main villain is Messiah but he is the main guy the Go-Busters fight.


Drunken Lemur said...

Here's what I didn't understand from Shinkenger: If Juzo was a human who fell to Gedou and so was Dayuu, why didn't she have a human form? Or did she become a full Gedoushu? But if she did, how did she stay out of the Sanzu river for so long? Very curious indeed. Also you forgot Long from Gekiranger, maybe Geildon from Abaranger and Tottpatt from Zyuranger, depending on how generous you feel.

Anonymous said...

Where is Bandora?

Lavender Ranger said...

Bandora was a dude?

Mugen said...

Even if she is not a Dude, wasn't there some Commander in Ohranger who also had a Human Disguise.

Mugen said...

Wasn't there that Beast Tamer in Ohranger, who had a human disguise. Sure, she was female, but still, you said there was none at all.

Dessa said...

No mention of Cid/Barizorg from Gokaiger?

Anonymous said...

Question: why didn't you take into account evil male rangers? for example, characters like Burai, the Gouraigers, and most importantly, Captain Ryuuya from Timeranger (he was briefly Timered) and Mikoto Nakadai from Abaranger. Even if they were rangers, they were still villains; after all you included Rio, who is an additional hero.

Lavender Ranger said...

Didn't count them because they were Rangers. List is long enough!

Lavender Ranger said...

I'm covering males, not females and yes I know about Keris but she was a very minor character.

Anonymous said...

oh, I forgot; Gajah from Boukenger

Drunken Lemur said...

Have you ever done a list of Female Rubber Suit Villains? Couldn't be nearly this long. I can count at least 8, if you count female Non-Rubber Suit villains with a monstrous transformation. Sort of the opposite of Gasha Skull.

Luca said...

Huh... there was also a character named long in the Five Ancestors, a book series about fighting monks similar to Gekiranger.

Mark-Anthony said...

Tayuu was able to stay out long because she didn't really use much force, so she didn't run out of water.

In PR, it would seem that she chose the Gedou form more so than the human so that she wouldn't have to remember the past...PRS Dayu seems a lot softer than her Sentai counterpart.

Luca said...

Those Flashman guys look really cool in an 80's kind of way like that one guy from Dune played by Sting, the American 80's equivalent of Gackt.