Friday, March 11, 2011

Interesting Gokaiger Scans

Under 'Extra' there is a picture from the Gokaiger pre-premiere stageshow, has Gokai Red as Go-On Red, the other two males as GekiRed, BoukenRed, and the girls as Deka Red and Shinken Red. Deka Red doesn't need a skirt as the other Deka females had no skirts.

The Rangerkeys Gokai Blue used in Episode 4.

Tsunami in Japan

Even in Japan's turbulent seismic history, the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Friday was one for the record books. The quake—the fifth-largest recorded since 1900 and the biggest to hit Japan in three centuries—released almost 1,000 times the energy released in the Haiti quake a year ago. The resulting 30-foot-tall tsunami slammed into Japan's northern coast and swept away people cars, boats and buildings.

Auto plants, electronics factories and refineries shut, roads buckled and power to millions of homes and businesses was knocked out. Several airports, including Tokyo's Narita, were closed and rail services halted. All ports were shut.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poll Results: Kiss/Kill/Marry Kamen Rider

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you marry? (Kamen Rider)
97 (70%)
27 (19%)
Akira Date
30 (21%)
36 (26%)
33 (23%)
36 (26%)

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you want bumped off? (Kamen Rider)
23 (15%)
103 (67%)
Akira Date
31 (20%)
19 (12%)
26 (17%)
31 (20%)

Kiss/Kill/Marry: Who would you just Kiss? (Kamen Rider)
84 (64%)
30 (22%)
Akira Date
35 (26%)
28 (21%)
31 (23%)
32 (24%)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Power Rangers Martial Arts video

These videos were sort of exercise videos, mentioned by fans but I consider these more Martial Arts training videos. These were only available on VHS.
Karate Club
This one feature Jason David Frank teaching kids karate.

Karate Club
White Ranger Kata
Jason David Frank teaching kids karate and had exclusive video.

Karate Masters
This wasn't directly from Saban or Power Rangers but did advertise it was the Red Ranger. Austin St. John beginning martial arts video.

Ending Theme Song Credits with Dancing Footsoldiers

Kakuranger Ending
The Dorodoros danced almost the entire thing.

Abaranger Ending
Briefly the Barmia Hei dance.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Sentai/Power Rangers Excersing Videos

Exercise Videos. Maybe there are more.

Jetman had one. It was around 8 minutes. The actress that played White Swan led it.

Dairanger too. This one was avaliable at the end of their home videos VHS of four episodes. It was roughly 2 minutes.

Power Rangers Samurai
They are the first Power Rangers to have an Exercise video. Well, they have clips on YouTube. So far only Alex Heartman (Jayden) has appeared briefly in one clip.

Dancing in Super Sentai Ending Themes

Maybe there are some more. Here are some examples of dancing in ending theme songs.

One episode ending, they did an inset dancing sequence, one Ranger individually.

In the ending theme songs of the shows, there was no dancing. But in the Hurricanger movie, they dance with choreography. It starts with the main three and then five and then all of them (including villains).

The show ending only had dancing in the footsoldiers. The movie ending had them dancing, with so many others.

In the Dekaranger ending theme, they danced. The movie, they did a rock band thing.

They danced in both show and movie, there was a brief clip of the Magiranger in suits dancing.

[Boukenger didn't dance.]

Only the three and Master Shafu and Robo Tough danced in the show ending. And in the movie, Miki, her daughter and the cop joined in. Rio, Gou, Mele, and Ken never did the dance.

All seven Go-Onger have done the Go-Onger Rap dance in the show and movie ending, various verisons.

They never danced in their own show ending, but they did for their special.

All five Goseiger sang and danced for the ending theme.

Attractive Actor: Kyle Pryor

New Zealand Actor/Stuntman who has been in The Legend of the Seeker.

He did stunts for the first two episodes of Power Ranger Jungle Fury.

He played Walter as D'Haran in Legend of the Seeker.
He played Marcus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gokai Lavender: My Fan Fiction Comic #3

My possible last comic. I might do some more later. This one is much longer as it explains her background. Turns out Gokai Lavender is the last hero in the future, some time in the 41st Century.
The 'Universal Morphin Grid' here is reasonable for both Super Sentai and Power Ranger powers. As Lavender says, it has gone by different names and it is the source of all the powers and incarnations from every dimension.

The reason the Spirit Ranger and Paleomax Ranger Keys exist here is because she was given keys from other dimensions and realities.

The wave the portal caused when it closed made the Gokaiger forget about Lavender. When she returns, the Zangyack didn't attack and didn't exist in her time.

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