Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Power Rangers Martial Arts video

These videos were sort of exercise videos, mentioned by fans but I consider these more Martial Arts training videos. These were only available on VHS.
Karate Club
This one feature Jason David Frank teaching kids karate.

Karate Club
White Ranger Kata
Jason David Frank teaching kids karate and had exclusive video.

Karate Masters
This wasn't directly from Saban or Power Rangers but did advertise it was the Red Ranger. Austin St. John beginning martial arts video.


Anonymous said...

i have the first video

henshin0 said...

I had the first video too. Also there was also a video from around 2004 by some guy who wasn't a ranger, which came with a mat that had foot positions or something. The slogan was LEARN MARTIAL ARTS MOVES LIKE A RANGER! This may not count, but in pmc 2010 there was a DVD give out that had prrpm "in or out", and a video of ranger poses from proo (the poses were inaccurate though).