Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dancing in Super Sentai Ending Themes

Maybe there are some more. Here are some examples of dancing in ending theme songs.

One episode ending, they did an inset dancing sequence, one Ranger individually.

In the ending theme songs of the shows, there was no dancing. But in the Hurricanger movie, they dance with choreography. It starts with the main three and then five and then all of them (including villains).

The show ending only had dancing in the footsoldiers. The movie ending had them dancing, with so many others.

In the Dekaranger ending theme, they danced. The movie, they did a rock band thing.

They danced in both show and movie, there was a brief clip of the Magiranger in suits dancing.

[Boukenger didn't dance.]

Only the three and Master Shafu and Robo Tough danced in the show ending. And in the movie, Miki, her daughter and the cop joined in. Rio, Gou, Mele, and Ken never did the dance.

All seven Go-Onger have done the Go-Onger Rap dance in the show and movie ending, various verisons.

They never danced in their own show ending, but they did for their special.

All five Goseiger sang and danced for the ending theme.


Anonymous said...

sun vulcan has one in a certain episodes. youtube has a clip last time, not sure if it is available now. not sure to include it as dance or exercise

mustang17 said...

Kakuranger had one with dancing foot soldiers.

Hallwings said...

I think he was referring to dancing in the END themes.

Speaking of end themes, would Kakuranger count? I mean, the Kakurangers themselves don't dance, but the footsoldiers do.

Anonymous said...

The Maskman movie had the main cast (out of costume) dancing in the opening and the credits of Kakuranger have the footsoldiers dancing.

NateRiver said...

Kakuranger had one with the minions dancing.

Luca said...

The Tomica Hero series had the worst ending videos EVER.

Jesse Herndon said...

MegaRanger had BOMB DANCING for an ending sequence for a time. It was even used in the PR Power Playback special.