Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stephen Lunsford and Felix Ryan in Victorious

I usually do not watch "Victorious" but I was flipping around and found yesterday's episode "A Film my Dale Squires" featured Stephen Lunsford as Dale Squires and Felix Ryan as Damian. Felix Ryan plays Spike on Power Rangers Samurai and has appeared in 3 other episodes as Damian on Victorious. Stephen Lunsford played Kit on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.


EZ8 said...

I just saw the episode, very funny as usual. I like Stephen Lunsford as an actor, wouldn't mind seeing him again as another Kamen Rider or some other superhero.

Haha interesting, I looked him up and I just noticed that I'm exactly 1 month older than him.

Luca said...

Both guys are very hot. I don't like Spike's voice, but I understand it's for the lols.