Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Sentai/Power Rangers Excersing Videos

Exercise Videos. Maybe there are more.

Jetman had one. It was around 8 minutes. The actress that played White Swan led it.

Dairanger too. This one was avaliable at the end of their home videos VHS of four episodes. It was roughly 2 minutes.

Power Rangers Samurai
They are the first Power Rangers to have an Exercise video. Well, they have clips on YouTube. So far only Alex Heartman (Jayden) has appeared briefly in one clip.


Ndwells's Blog said...

In the middle of the Jetman excersing vid, Yellow Owl fell over and they didn't edited it out.

mustang17 said...

What about the green and white ranger Kata videos? Shouldn't they be on this list?

Anonymous said...

Because it was intentional. Yellow Owl was a fat guy on the show and was less athletic than the rest. People who think it was a mistake probably never seen Jetman and missed out the joke.

Didn't Jason David Frank and Austin St. John both had their exercise videos.

Manuel said...

You should do a analysis of the fat rangers in super sentai like ki ranger 2

Luca said...

Ugh... I HATE fat rangers. My fat friend is always like "wouldn't it be cool if there was a fat ranger" or "Boom should have actually been a ranger", and I'm like NO power rangers are supposed to be cute and skinny! It's bad enough that all the toys of them have huge muscles and tiny heads.