Sunday, April 27, 2014

Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce Monsters in Media and Merchandise

Unlike the Samurai and MMPR monsters, these monsters didn't get toys or appeared in major merchandise. They might appeared in books though but I am not sure which ones.
Appeared in's Zords of Fury.
Megaforce Episode 2 Monster Yuffo appears in the "Never Surrender" Megaforce game on, the 3DS game (above) and the Swappz app game. I think he appeared in a book.
"Stranger Ranger" Monster appears in the "Never Surrender" game.
No Joke
"Last Laugh" Monster appears in the Power Rangers Megaforce Nintendo 3DS game.

"Super Megaforce" Episode 1 monster appears in Power Rangers Super Megaforce  Nintendo 3DS game Stage One.
Monster from Episode 1 "Super Megaforce" of PRSM appears in level one of the PRSM Legacy game.

Monster from "Earth Fights Back" of PRSM appears in Level two of the PRSM Legacy Game.

Monster from "Blue Saber Saga" of PRSM appears in Level 3 of the PRSM Legacy Game. He is at Stage 3 of Power Rangers Super Megaforce 3DS game. 

Monster from "Samurai Surprise" of PRSM appears in Level 4 of the PRSM Legacy Game.

Monster from "Silver Lining Part 1" of PRSM appears in Level 5 of PRSM Legacy game. He appears at Stage 2 of the Super Megaforce Nintendo 3DS game.

Monster from "Silver Lining Part 2" of PRSM appears in Stage 4 of PRSM 3DS game. He is also in Level 6 of PRSM Legacy Game.

Monster found in Stage 5 of PRSM 3DS game. My nephew says it is the hardest villain for him to beat.


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