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Sailor Moon Villain Dolls

This might be the last post. When Sailor Moon came to the United States in 1995, one commentator on dolls said that Queen Beryl was a rare villain doll for girls merchandise but it wasn't as rare. Nowadays My Little Pony and Monster High have villains or rivals. Even in 1983, Jem had her villains the Misfits and She-Ra had her villains Catra and Double Face. Irwin released a number of dolls but stopped at Sailor Moon S even though the English-dubbed Anime continued until Super S. 

Amazoness Quartet (Sailor Moon Super S)
Bandai Japan 1995 PallaPalla, JunJun, VesVes, CereCere; The only time Bandai Japan made dolls of villains but technically in the Manga they were actually future Senshi for Sailor Chibi-Moon. They were not in the Anime. 

Queen Beryl Adventure Dolls
5" Bandai America doll (Left) in 1995 and Irwin doll (Right) in 1997. She is the original villain. 

Deluxe Adventure Doll Queen Beryl
(Left) 1997 Irwin doll. (Right) 11" doll with cassette tape. 

 Deluxe Adventure Dolls 
Rebeus, Prince Diamond, Emerald and Wicked Lady (Black Lady) from Sailor Moon R. Dolls made by Irwin in 1997. 

5" Adeventure Dolls
From Irwin in 1997. Rebeus, Prince Diamond, Emerald and Wicked Lady (Black Lady) from Sailor Moon R. 

 5" Adventure Dolls
From Irwin in 1997. Kaori Night and Professor Tomoe dolls from Sailor Moon S.

 Deluxe Adventure Dolls 
11" Irwin dolls came with bonus Luna keychain. Kaori Night and Professor Tomoe. 1997.

Irwin 2000 Wicked Lady Dolls (11" and 5") with improved face and makeup 

 Wicked Lady & Mini Moon Set (2001)
 Company: Irwin
Country: USA/Canada

Irwin made these prototypes of the Amazon Quartet but they never moved from this phase because of little interest in these characters. 

Sailor Moon Role Play Accessories (Sailor Moon Super S-PGSM)

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Sailor Moon Super S

Moon Crisis Compact
(Left) Bandai Japan 1995 / Press button inside and makes song. It has gold chain. IRS version interacts with other IRS. (Right) Bandai Japan 2002 World version is the same but has mirror. This version has pink string, not gold chain. (Below) Bandai Premium 2015 with mirror and compartments for jewelry.

Moon Melody Belt
Bandai Japan 1995 / Comes with small disks to put in front, each plays different songs. 

Chibi Moon Compact
(Left) Bandai 2015 To play music press front or open it and press button inside. (Right) Propelica Premium Bandai 2015

Kaleido Moon Scope
(Left) Bandai Japan 1995 / Original IRS plays two different tunes while orb lights yellow and stick flashes red. (Second from Left) Bandai Japan 1997 / Re-release but not IRS toy. (Second from Right) Mini Kaleidomoon scope wand with clip-on earrings. (Right) Bandai Japan 2001 / Sailor Moon World verison, slightly different colors.

Moon Spectre / Irwin / Unknown Year / It was called Moon Spectre while it was the Kaleido Moon Scope.

 Premium Bandai Proplica was announced in March of 2016 to be released soon.

Henshin Wands
Star Henshin Wand / Bandai Japan 1995 / Finally released in Super S, it comes with interchangeable discs with each inner Senshi. Crystal Henshin Wand / Bandai Japan 1995 Interchangeable discs for each one. Orb on a chain that you can store inside them. Press a button and sound comes out with lights.

Twinkle Bell
(Left) Bandai Japan 1995 / Lights up and rings when shook. Chibi-Moon speaks when button is pushed. (Center) Smaller than original, came with earrings, had a bell. (Right) World Verison and it has a real bell.

Heartful Harmony - Super S
Bandai Japan 1995 / Re-release of Heartful Harmony Box, it plays the theme and is different colors.

(Left) Pegasus Stallion Reve / Bandai Japan 1995 / It had seven little figures inside. It talks, lights up and plays music. (Right) Pegasus Message Orb / Bandai 1995 / Has little pegasus figure inside and you can record your voice in it. 

Senshi Bow Set
Bandai japan 1995 / Four bows for the Inner Senshi contained lipstick, hair bow, mirror and nail polish. 

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Eternal Moon Compact
Bandai 1996 / Lights and sound. Premium Bandai has yet to release Propelicas of the Sailor Stars items.

Eternal Tier
(Left) Bandai 1996 Plays two sounds that can be sped up with dial. It can extend. (Second from left) Bandai 1999 / World Verison / Same as original but different colors. (Second from right)  Bandai 1996 / Not electronic. (Right) Mini non-electronic version. Premium Bandai has yet to release Propelicas of the Sailor Stars items.

Eternal Sailor Moon Compact Mini Bow
Mini non-electronic version by Yutaka 1996, with a pin. 

Holy Moon Chalice
Bandai 1996 / Lights up and plays 3 different sounds. It attaches to the Eternal Tier to make the ultimate wand. 

Uranus and Neptune Lip Rods
Re-release of the Lip Rods in a box set.

Sailor Stars Talking Phone
Speaks with Usagi's voice. 

Starlights Headset and Starlights Star Yell
Bandai 1996 /
Headset and necklace, when you speak into headset, the pendant lights up and blinks. The henshin device lights up and plays a beat. Each star point plays a different beat to the original beat. Every little girl wants to a boy that becomes a girl!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM)

Heart Moon Locket
Bandai 2003 / Locket plays two different songs, one when the middle jewel is pressed and another lipstick is waved over it. Smaller version made by Poppy. It lights up and plays music press on jewel.

Moon Stick
Bandai 2003 / Plays two tunes and lights up. Luna version was same as original.

Henshin Phone
Bandai 2003 / It speaks in the different voices of the actresses and plays music when the buttons are pressed. The Luna set (right) comes with compact, necklace and talking phone with music and Luna's voice.

Jewelry Star Bracelet
Bandai 2003 / Left one comes wit four gems and when inserted, each one plays a different tune and lights up. Right one isn't made by Bandai but Popy. It is plastic and doesn't play music. 

Sailor Star Tambourine
Bandai 2004 / It comes with four hearts that can be placed inside it and plays different sounds. 

Princess Harp
Bandai 2004 It plays music and lights up when you wave your hand. It plays another tune when button pressed.

DX Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Dress-up Set
Bandai 2003 It comes with the earrings of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. It comes with Sailor Moon's choker, tiara and Odangos.

Venus Bow Set
Bandai 2003 / Sailor Venus' hair bow came with stars and comb.

Sailor Moon Bow Set
Poppy 2003 / Came with play lipstick, bow and brooch.