Saturday, December 7, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Evox: Upgarded - Episode Review

Cyber Gate is almost created. Mayor confronts the commander about Devon being a Ranger. He meets Ravi and realizes he is a Ranger. Zoey explains about Evox's plan. She tells him Devon was trying to stop him. Mayor asks how he can help. Commander says no. Ben and Betty begin the test and open the dimension portal and something wrong happens. Betty is sucked in and becomes flexible. She returns to normal, now she has stretchy powers now. Ravi wants to go in with a beacon inside. Commander says no. Mayor Daniels grabs the beacon inside and enters the portal. Everyone is shocked. Steel wants to shock them. Zoey says they need a bigger zord. Nate says he has the Ultrazord ready. Scrozzle sees Morph-X enters Evox's new body. Blaze wants him to hurry. Devon is left alone and a brick is dropped next to a Tronic. The tronic turns and is hit in the head by Mayor Daniels. He tells Devon is quiet and he takes him away. Tronics realize Devon is gone. 

Ultrazord is ready to be made and the Rangers dissemble the zords. The other zords are combined and Ultrazord is formed. The Ultrazord is teleported away. Scrozzle detects the,. Blaze asks for an army of Gigadrones. Gigadrones are assembled. The Gigadrones blast at the Ultrazord. Devon and Mayor hide in brick walls. They catch up. Devon tells him that it is against the rules to tell him. He apologizes for giving him a hard time and he couldn't be more wrong, that he is a hero.The Ultrazord does the Ultra strike and destroy a,ll the Gigadrones. Evox is formed. He teleports in front of the Ultrazord. 

Evox blasts at them and the zords come apart. Devon and Mayor reunite with the Rangers and Beast Bots. The zord are damaged. Evox confronts them. Mayor hides for safety. Devon morphs. Evox blasts them and they de-morph. Evox glows and grows. Evox heads off. Steel says he might want to merge with the Morphin Grid. They make a plan. Devon and Cruise use the Racer Zord while the others stop Scrozzle. Devon morphs again. Evox enters the transporter. Blaze hurry up Scrozzle. Scrozzle sends Tronics. Red and Cruise enter the Racer Zord and get to the Morph-X Tower. They find a new Gigadrone inside the tower. Blaze is piloting it. The Megazord fights the Gigadrone. The Rangers fight Tronics. Nate, Smash, Mayor and Jax goes after Scrozzle. 

Nate blasts at Scrozzle. Scrozzle teleports away with some gear. Nate tries stopping the teleportation. Red does Hyper STrike and takes down the Gigadrone and Blaze at once. Nate tries to reversing the teleportation. The tower becomes unstable/ The Rangers reunite and they go back to the cybergate portal entry. The Megazord becomes Racer mode and an explosion occurs that wipes out Evox. The cyber gate opens and the Rangers run in. Mayor looks longingly at the portal for Devon. Morph-X comes towards the mayor and the portal is full of green fog. Devon and Cruise come out of the mist. The portal closes. Betty is still flexible. Mayor says he is proud of Devon. Blaze awakens and a technician finds him. 

A week later, the Rangers get a medal of valor. Mayor was re-elected. Ben and Betty also get something. Betty is in a bubble suit. They get medals and their dad cries. Betty goes flying everywhere. She is then fine. Steel wants a selfie. Mayor's hand glows purple. 

 Devon gets the acknowledgement that many kids want from their parents. I am not sure if the Megazord footage was all new but some of it was pretty good. It is a good episode. I wish this was the season two ending because it is hard to top, that is what happened with the Ninja Steel finale. The Ninja Steel finale was better than the Super Ninja Steel finale. The Dino Charge finale at least let the door open for Dino Supercharge. This doesn't seem like a mid-season finale even though the next season won't have 'super' in it. Also, there is no indication what place Roxy and Blaze will have now that they have been saved. 

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Target: Tower - Episode Review

The Rangers see the footage of them giving the transporters to the avatars. Roxy's pod was overloaded by the USB that Roxy stuck in there. The life support will go out, Ravi is upset. Zoey says if they destroy her avatar, she'll wake up. Commander tells Ravi not to cloud his judgment. Devon is in the re-election rally. Ravi gets a call during Mayor Daniels' speech. Betty and Ben track the transporters with special glasses but crash into a van. They find the transporters but get chased out by Tronics. Devon runs off and the mayor thinks he is a coward. The mayor helps an elderly man. The Rangers appear and saved Ben and Betty. 

The Rangers get to the van as they fight Tronics. Mega Transporters have to be set up around the tower, the Rangers are nearby and Blaze and Roxy are told by Scrozzle. Blaze forces Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone. The Rangers get the transporters. Commander deploys the zords. Blue drives the van. Roxy leaves the dimension and intercepts Ravi. She runs off and Ravi has to choose if to stop for Roxy or transport the transporters. He chooses to go after Roxy. Roxy morphs. They fight. Megazords are formed and they fight Gigadrone. Ravi turns on his ape power and throws a rock at him. He overheats and Commander detects this. She tries calling him but he doesn't answer. Roxy's morpher is taken and crushed. 

The Gigadrone is destroyed. Ravi fights Roxy and he shoots off her weapon and destroys the avatar. Water from the sprinklers de-heat him. He hears the van and Blaze has taken the transporters. Evox is upset that Roxy is gone but Blaze says he will get his tower. Ravi returns to Roxy but she doesn't wake. Commander is upset at Ravi. He apologizes and she apologizes. They get called by Ben and Betty and they found a Mega Transporter pointed at the Morph-X Tower. Nate figures the two are around it. The Mayor finds Devon and is upset at him. An attack happens and the mayor sends Devon home. Devon leaves and the attack is from Blaze. The un-morphed Rangers without Devon fight the Tronics. The Mayor helps Ben and Betty against the Tronics and one Transporter on a shopping cart.

The Rangers morph and fight. Blaze leaves and aims a Transporter at the tower and activates it. He then teleports and activates another one. Commander sees the transporters have been activated. Ben puts the third transporters in a black van but Blaze takes it. Blaze teleports back to the location where the others battle. Red runs to him and stops him before he activates it. Red calls his claws nad fights Blaze, who calls his sword. Red blocks Blaze. Blaze wraps tentacles around Red. Mayor watches this. Red is demorph and Mayor discovers he is a ranger. Blaze activates the transporter and the tower is teleported away, along with Devon as a hostage. Mayor runs towards Devon but it's too late.

Nate wants to rebuild the gate to charge into Evok's base. Ravi is for getting Devon. Roxy's pod beeps and she wakes up. She looks a mess. She tells him about Evok's plans as she was connected to the evil avatar. They plan to make a new body for Evox. Devon is tied up and is helpless but to watch. 

Love this episode. Some great stuff with Ravi and his mom and also Devon and his dad. All the pieces came together in this episode. Great stuff with Roxy as well.