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Kamen Rider Gaim 20 Episode Images

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Blue Saber Saga - Episode Review

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Skatana enters Vekar's ship and shows off his swordsman ship and is allowed to go down to Earth. Back at school, Noah is alone in the computer lab busy and Emma enters offering to do some nature thing. He goes out of the room and offers a hand, on second thought. She calls him a gentleman, giving her all her stuff. He tells her that he is more than a computer geek. Skatana cuts down buildings and people run. Emma calls Tensou and the two run towards Skatana.

He says he will start with the puny girl, Noah says not to talk about her like that. The others arrive and they morph into Megaforce (we still see the Japanese cards) and then go Super Mega Mode. Skatana asks "Finished yet?" They fight X-Borgs. Noah fights Skitana on his own and their fight goes into the building. The others fight the X-Borgs. Back in Vekar's ship, the goons say how impressive he is. Argus says the Rangers are annoying, Vekar says in a very fay voice, "That's right, captain obvious."

Skatana does his Blade of Infinity attack and Noah does his best but is taken down anyway, he de-morphs. The others arrive. Skatana prepares to leave. Gia says it will be against 5, he says 1, he wants a duel at the beach tomorrow. The others de-morph. (apparently they can de-morph from Super Mega) Noah wants to prove he can beat him, Jake says they are a team. He leaves in a huff. Vekar tells Skatana that no one has been able to take down the Rangers.

 Jake looks for Noah and he's not in the computer lab. He talks to Emma, Emma wonders where he is, Jake says he is practicing. Mr. Burley comes in asking for his help, thinking his name is James. Jake helps Mr. Burley. In the forest, Noah has set up a device to help him focus and practice with his saber. Emma arrives and witness him get cut on the arm. She tries to convince him that to take it too personally but he wants to prove this to himself. Noah says if he gets better, the team does. He walks off. Emma sits on the ground and watches him practice. Sun goes down and it is night and Noah keeps practicing.

Noah imagines the monster and is able to best the device of blades he create. He is sweaty and tired. In the morning, Emma is sleeping on the ground and asks for Noah but he seems to be gone. Noah wants on his own with his saber, determined. He bumps into Emma and she hands him her saber. He thanks her, saying he knew she'd understand. She wishes him good luck, he is all serious. Skatana waits for him at the beach. Noah throws the two swords in the air and morphs directly into Super Mega Mode.

Skatana cheats with Bruisers, Noah goes down, Emma morphs and fights. The others drop down from the sky ship and fight the bruisers. noah fights the monster and the other 4 go Jungle Fury and SPD against Bruisers. Skatana has new move thanks to Levira. Noah goes down. Emma is about to help, troy stops her they all give him swords. He does a five blue ranger move called by gosei using samurai, megaforce, lost galaxy, ninja storm and mystic force. Monster goes big, they form Megazord. Gosei says Jake unlocked the Mystic Force zord.

The Mystic Dragon is called and they fly and throw fire at the bad guys. Skatana used Bruisers as a skateboard. They call the cannon and take down a Bruiser. Emma tells Jake to finish him. He uses the Ancient Power, Mystic Seal and destroys the monster. Later at the park, the gang walks. Noah holds the Blue Mystic Force Ranger Key. Troy says he didn't give up. Noah thanks them for having his back. Troy told Noah to start the 'Earth defenders never surrender' thing.

This ep was written by Jason Smith (Casey of Jungle Fury) and you can tell with the one-liners are a bit more snappy. I like the bit of Mr. Burley not getting Jake's name right, it happens to me a lot as a teacher with students. Yes, people complain that this ep is like last years with Noah's confidence but this is slightly different. He already proven himself strong, he wanted to just be better. Emma was concerned, a good focus on what a person she is, she is a worrywort. This was not a bad episode. Even if it is mostly like the Gokaiger episode.

 I especially like that we saw Noah holding the Mystic Force Blue Ranger key, it is reminiscent to when Gai held the Kuro Kishi (Black Knight/Magna Defender) key at the end of the Gingaman tribute episode. It tied a bit with Mystic Force, if not a lot at all. I mean, Noah did show he believed in himself and Mystic Force was about believing in oneself or magic or something. It was a nice touch of the Mystic Force Keys glowing from Ep 3 of Gokaiger tied with Ep 4 of Gokaiger, I had a feeling they'd do that. I also like that they seem to add Megaforce and Ninja Storm keys to the Command Center as it didn't look like they had them in there last year. Also these look like the Gokaiger props and not the figurines made for last year.