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Different shades of Ranger Keys in the shows Gokaiger and Super Megaforce, Japanese toys and American toys

I have another post planned on the difference of suits (American, American live appearances, Japanese show and Japanese stageshows) but my iMac that has most of the pics is failing so I have to fix that. For now I am on my Dell laptop.
I covered this slightly before. I am judging the color shade differences in mostly the Japanese toys.
Shades of Blue: 6
 Kuwagata Raijer/Navy Ranger is darker than regular blues like GingaBlue/Blue Lost Galaxy and GoseiBlue/Blue Megaforce Ranger. In the toys, Blue Dolphin is a darker shade than the regular blues but in the show, it seems they are all the same shade. Blue Dolphin toy is not the same shade as Kuwagata/Navy.

On episode 5 of Gokaiger and episode 3 of Super Megaforce, we see five Blue Ranger Keys. GingaBlue/Blue Lost Galaxy, Shinken Blue/Blue Samurai and Gosei Blue/Blue Megaforce keys seem to be the same shade as the Tricera Ranger/Mighty Morphin one on the show. And Magi and Hurricane Blues (Mystic Force and Ninja Storm) seem to be the same.

This is the color of the actual key of the toy of Gokai Blue, a.k.a. Blue Super Megaforce Ranger.

My keys: (Left to Right) Blue Buster, Blue Dolphin and MagiBlue (Blue Mystic Ranger)

The shade of Shadow Ranger/DekaMaster

 Here is my Blue Ranger Keys. You can't tell by the picture but the Blue Super Megaforce key is darker than the Japanese one. The Blue American keys are darker than the Japanese ones.

1. Regular Blues like TriceraRanger/MMPR Blue, Shinken Blue/Samurai Blue, etc.
2. Light Blues like Ninja Blue/Blue Alien Ranger, Hurricane Blue/Blue Wind Ranger, etc.
 3. In toys, Dark Blue like Blue Dolphin.
4. Navy shades like Navy Ranger and KyoryuNavy.
5. Lighter Teal-Blue like DekaMaster/Shadow Ranger.
6. Light metallic blue like Jiban, the Metal Hero key.

Shades of Red: 3
 The Red Ranger Keys are about the same shade of red. Above pic from TokuNation.

Some red keys are darker like Red Time Force Ranger Key that comes with the Blue Cycle. With the Japanese keys, some Gashapon keys are darker. Crimson Ranger/Kaboto Raijer is darker overall of course. Most American keys the shade of the arms don't match with the body.

1. Reds like GokaiRed/Red Super Megaforce, TyrannoRanger/MM Red, etc.
2. Some Gachapon Keys are darker shade and also American Red keys.
3. Kabuto Raijer/Crimson Ranger key.

Shades of Green: 3
Left to right: Lime Green for some Gatchapon keys, lighter Spring Green for Mele key and regular green for GokaiGreen/Super Megaforce. Like with Blue, the US regular green is slightly darker than Japanese ones.

1. Regular Green (GokaiGreen/Super Megaforce, ShinkenGreen/Samurai Green)
2. Different shade of green like lime green for some Gatchapon keys.
3. Lighter Spring Green for Mele Key.

Shades of Pink: 3
Miss America seems to be the same shade of pink, on the show the pink keys are slightly different shades. In the toys, there is a distinct different shade of pink from the Gokaiger 2011 line and the Go-Busters 2012 toy line.

Momoranger's ranger key is a lighter shade on the show but the Momoranger toy key is around the same shade of the GokaiPink one.

Left is TimePink, which is from the 2012 line and Gosei Pink on the right from the 2011 line. The 2011 pink is a bit darker and closer to purple. Since the US Pink Super Megaforce Key hasn't been released yet, it is hard to gauge the shade of pink but it looks a bit darker than the Japanese keys.

1. Regular Pink (all pinks in the show except Miss America and Momoranger AND only 2011 pink toy keys in Japan)
2. Other Pink (2012 pink toy keys for Gatchapon like OhPink/Zeo Pink and TimePink/Pink Time Force)
3. Miss America toy key color shade

 Shades of Yellow/Gold/Orange: 4
Yellows are all mostly the same, even between Japanese and US keys. Us Keys differ in shade from arm and body.
Golds differ in metallic and regular version which is paler. Orange from BattleCossack is slightly similar to the light Gold from Gatchapon keys.
1. Regular Yellow
2. Gatchapon Gold
3. Orange
4. Deluxe Gold/Metallic Gold

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