Friday, March 18, 2011

Can you guess the Ranger?

UPDATED 3/18/11 10:08 PM EST
Thank you for playing! It's closed.
Here is a new game, guess which Ranger the picture it is. Some are easy, some are not. None of the Gokaiger are included and no Gokaiger pictures are used, because to avoid confusion. These are from Goranger to Goseiger. If this goes well, I will continue it.
  1. Put the letter you are guessing and your guess. If there is a picture you can't guess, don't include it. I don't want to see: 'e. I don't know' or 'e. I think its...' Only put the ones you are absolutely sure about.
  2. You can use Sentai or PR names but they have to be accurate, it can't be 'ZyuPink' or 'Red Bioman.'
  3. If Anonymous, please put some sort of nickname at the end of your message or the Anonymous will be disregarded and won't count. This is because I have to go on more than just 'Anonymous,' there are more than one.
Mega Yellow/Yellow Space Ranger
Drunken Lemur got it right.

Go Blue/Blue Lightspeed Ranger
Jon B got this one right.

GingaPink/Pink Galaxy Ranger
Pink_Power got it right.

Go-On Green/Ranger Green
Shana got it right!


Pink Mask
Paolo1350, Egallardo26, and Manuel got it right. Tricky one, lots thought it was Ptera Ranger.

Red One (Bioman)
Chynna got it.

Gao White/White Wild Force Ranger
Manuel and Shana got it right.

Shinken Blue/Blue Samurai Ranger
KOTOR_FAN got it right.

Gosei Black
Jasper got it right.

Manuel got it right! Tricky one too.

As for the others, keep trying ya'll! Thank you to those of you that have follow the rules, very good! I will post the whole pictures once all of them are solved.


Anonymous said...

A is mega yellow thats all im gonna do

Jasper said...

f. Ptera Ranger
j. Gosei Black

Drunken Lemur said...

(A) Is MegaYellow
(J) Is GaoBlack
(C) Is TimePink
(K) Is OhRed
(I) Is DekaBlue

EZ8 said...

My guesses:

D. Green Lightspeed Ranger

J. Gosei Black

K. Denji Red

Jon B said...

B - Go Blue
C - Time Pink
D - Gosei Green
F - Pink Turbo
G - Red Falcon
I - Gao Blue
J - Ninja Black
K - Change Dragon

I only used Wikipedia to get the names right, per Lavender Ranger's rules. The rest of the pictures - no idea. :) Fun game.

Manuel said...

D - DekaGreen or Spd green ranger

Manuel said...

G - Goggle Red

Unknown said...

c: Five pink
d: dragon ranger
f: Ptera Ranger
g: GoggleRed
h: Miss America
i: Shinken Blue
k: Five Red

Chynna Moore said...

G is Red One from Bioman.


Anonymous said...

G) Bioman's Red One.

Paolo1350 said...

f. Pink Mask

k. Go Red

Egallardo26 said...

f. Pink Mask
K. Mega Red

henshin0 said...

C is timepink

D is dekagreen

F is zyupink...just kidding, it's ptera ranger

K is gored

H looks tough, but my best guess is ninja white

Manuel said...

F - Pink Mask from maskman

Manuel said...

K - Denjired

James Spiring said...

C. SPD Pink Ranger aka DekaPink
E. Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger aka Tyrannoranger
F. DynaPink

Manuel said...

D - OhGreen/Zeo Ranger IV Green

Manuel said...

H - Ninja White

Pink_Power said...

C.Pink Lost Galaxy ranger

Lavender Ranger said...

UkiyaSeed, henshin0, and manuel guessed Ninja White but its not it.

Manuel said...

H - Big One

Manuel said...

H - Gaowhite

Lavender Ranger said...

Manuel, make up your mind, don't just spit out answers.

Unknown said...

H. is MegaSilver/Silver Space Ranger

Only one I'm really sure of.

Chantal said...

H is gao i right?

Chantal said...

gao white or big one ?

Chantal said...

sorry if im posting alot but for D it may be Hanto( go-on green) or green Racer (carranger) ??