Sunday, March 13, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - There Go the Brides - Episode Review

Two Alternative titles I'd like to add:
Here Comes the Brides
Runaway Brides

Mia and Jayden seem to be getting married--- it is a sting operation to attract the Moogers who are kidnapping Brides. We are to be fooled--the Moogers come to another wedding--but who we think is Jayden--is a balding guy? Anyway, Mike expresses his discomfort of weddings. Jayden comes up with an idea. Dayu is collecting tears of brides who don't get to finish her wedding. Dayu wants to make her own dress. Octoroo says that with making a dress, Dayu might be holding to the past. (I like that they are acknowledging the ridiculousness of the plot but it has a reason.) He mentions that he saw Decker. And we see Decker, and now I can clearly hear that it is Ricardo Medina Jr.'s voice. Octoroo's voice actor doesn't seem that great but Dayu and Xanderd are great.

Jayden canceled a bunch of weddings off. Mia wants to be the fake bride, Mike tells her that she is too happy to become a bride, a subject yet not touched upon yet--since Mako (Shinken Pink) dreamed of being a bride. She says she is a sucker for Cinderella (Cinderella was only a bride at the end in some versions). The Rangers put the real bride and groom to safety and Mia and Jayden are the fake bride and groom once again. Erica (Mia) does a great actress turn mood that we have not yet seen---her being happy and then becoming stern. Mia is taken by the Moogers (Bulk has a good one-liner as they pass by him and his pupil) and meets Dayu. Mia is told to trick the Rangers and they enter a warehouse and it blows up.

They reveal that Emily disguised as a bride, and she was kidnapped too and broke out the others from the web-like bride. The Rangers made doubles to send off to be exploded. They release the brides and fight Dayu and the Moogers in a shrine area and quarry. Dayu almost finishes off Blue and Pink when Red comes in and fights her. They almost finish her off with the Fire Smasher but Decker stops the blast and saves Dayu. Decker tells Red he will be his sword's opponent. Dayu asks Decker if he came to save her, he says not exactly and they retreat. He calls for giant Moogers when the Rnagers call them cowards for running away. They form the Beetle Blaster Megazord and fight the giant Moogers. Swordfish is quickly called and they form the Swordfish Phaser Megazord and finish off the Moogers.

Bulk's training leads Spike to cake at a bakery. Mike tells Emily that she made a beautiful bride. Mia seems sad, Emily asks her whats up. Mia says what Dayu did was terrible but asked why she was so into wedding dress, and that she thought it had some inner sadness in her. Mia wants to be a bride one day. Jayden wonders who Decker was. Emily invites Jayden in and they bump into Bulk and Spike, but they seem not to know each other.

The original Shinkenger episode had all these fake-outs but with Bulk & Skull parts and some fresh one-liners, it made it much fresher. The editing is faster, the background music is more appropriate, and everything falls in place better. This episode is a gem. In the original Shinkenger, Blue dressed as the bride, which was omitted here. I don't mind they didn't do the drag queening, since Blue and Green are different skin color and in Shinkenger, Blue was a female impersonator in Kabuki. At leas they are not doing a carbon copy. Now listening to the Linkara's Ninja Storm review, he spoke of musical stings. I didn't like the musical sting used when Dayu acknowledges that she knows Mia is the Pink Ranger. We are given some exposition but rather quickly. This plot makes the Rangers seem more competent, which the Shinkenger were and this team has yet to show in a significant way (except maybe for A Deal With the Nighlok and Sticks and Stones).

There is still some lame puns and rhymes but dialed back a bit. It is nice hearing the Power Ranger instrumental theme when Blue shoots his arrow at Dayu. The swordfish zord and combo are shown in the opening sequence, I didn't notice, was it in the last episode? Kevin even spouts the line "Aww Man" most famous done by Tommy. AND THE CREDITS SAYS RICK MEDIA AS DEKER. So are hunches were correct. I know a lot of people are gonna say "I already knew that" and "We been knew that for months" but now there no longer be any doubts. Maybe his acting has improved this time and there is a reason they hired him... again.


Manuel said...

I'm still waiting for rangercrew to post the episode and see it

psowill said...

You know when I look at the whole series I think the sceniroes are well written but the dialouge and puns are just at times. Having said that I agree this episode was well written and well decker is going to take some getting used to. I do like the direction the show is going.

Manuel said...

I like this episode why??

because there was no goofy dialogue of the monsters :P

Anonymous said...

the episode is good but the puns and crappy dialogue just wont stop. N why still no group roll call. All power ranger has one.

EZ8 said...

I agree, this was a really good episode. I'd like to think that I was right that after the last episode, the acting and the overall ep. seems much improved going forward. It didn't surprise me that Emily got to go undercover, since like you said, having Kevin do it is not the same as Ryuunosuke. And for the first time, there were hardly any puns used, guess those are mainly used for the MoTW. I wish they would've kept the name "Juzo" instead of Deker, but hey, at least there's still uramasa.

Was it just me or did anyone else feel a little uneasy everytime the line "fill the Sanzu River and flood the earth" was said because of the recent events? I know they never said the setting was in Japan, but still, I can't help but think of it.

Anonymous said...

lol if anyone here has a brain or have seen the the whole shinkenger series,they'll know that bulk will become the counterpart of shinken brown, AKA PR Samurai brown.

just putting that out there ^-^

kristie smith said...

I love Jayden as the best groom ever

Maddie said...

Awesome episode. My favorite so far. Love the part with mike showing discomfort with weddings.

kristie smith said...

Jayden is so Hot

Anonymous said...

disagree with you. This episode Shinkenger is better than PRS.