Saturday, November 3, 2012

Clarification on Power Rangers Samurai toy releases

 UPDATED 11/4/12
I thought I would clarify which toys are not being released, I hear many people asking 'Where is super mode Pink?' or 'Shogun Green'. Also everyone knows that the Megaforce toys are set to be released later this month or in December. So the Samurai line is more or less done.
Mega Bloks Series 3
Rumors are that the Series 3 Blind Pack has been canceled and it is not scheduled to be released. This includes Training Blue, Regular Pink, Mega Mode Yellow, Solid Gold Super Mega Gold, and others.

 Pink Samurai Ranger Super Mode
Pink Super Samurai Ranger is not being released in any form it seems.

Yellow Samurai Ranger Super Mode
Yellow Super Samurai Ranger is not being released as a figure either by Bandai nor MegaBloks.

Pink Shogun Ranger
Not being released as a figure. She did appear on the show.

Yellow Ranger Shogun Mode
Not being released in any form. She has appeared in promotional images and just in a flash in a sequence but not in action on the show.

Green Ranger Shogun Mode or Green Samurai Ranger
Not being released in any form. He appeared in a flash in a sequence but not in action on the show. Now why are they are not being released? God only knows. But Pink and Yellow could be most likely because they are female and females don't sell well. And as for Green, maybe they only had spaces for three.

The 7th Mystery Ranger has still have not been released. Making Linear Ranger (Toy Reviewer and fellow Power Force Member) and I fear it won't happen. I've been hunting of it. We all know it is the female Red Ranger. Some think she might be packaged in Megaforce packaging like Rita was packaged in Samurai packaging. But who knows... it (or she) will show up eventually.


Unknown said...

Green tends to get the shaft in favour of Red, Blue and Sixth. As for the third wave of MegaBloks, I'm guessing it was canceled so they could focus on Megaforce sets.

Lavender Ranger said...

true and true