Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Power Rangers Movie Megazord, Ninja Steel female armor and Lego/Mega Bloks debate

I decided to clump all these things together...
Movie Megazord
Over this weekend, Power Rangers Twitter revealed this picture of this Interactive Megazord, it is one solid piece, it is not a transforming Megazord. The fandom went crazy. Well, the majority of the response was "Meh." I know this from being at Rangerstop convention in Orlando, Florida from November 4-6 and talking to fans. The consensus was to keep the picture away from them. 

 Above is the transforming Megazord. My thoughts are that it looked like Optimus Prime, I don't like that Mastodon went from shoulders to the right leg, that Sabertooth tiger went from a leg to the waist. I have no rpoblem with the Pterdactyl going to wins. I'm not crazy about it but let's see how it looks in the movie. 

Ninja Steel toys
More toys are being revealed, including the standard zord armor toys that were more common in the Disney Era, other than Saban seasons recently. So this pic turned up. I don't know if the armor was actually made for her. It looks too big for her. But I love the idea that female rangers can have armor again. Female Rangers have not had armors since Lost Galaxy and In Space. In Space had Astro Armor for Pink and Yellow. Lost Galaxy had armor for Pink and Yellow along with the male Rangers. I commend Bandai and Saban for doing this. 

Jason Bischoff, Director of Global Consumer Products for Saban Brands posted on Rangerboard that he was posting just once and couldn't answer any questions because the limits of his job. Bandai and Saban always avoid answering anything in case things change or they can't say. I know this from experience with Power Force. He can be contacted at @prometheanworks on Twitter.

MegaBloks is an older deal that Jason inherited that is technically still active. The more-recent MegaBloks product reveals (above) are older and were held to be timed at the same time as the movie release. The upcoming MMPR items will see an extremely limited release in specialty stores worldwide. It is a non-exclusive deal and in major stores is to be determined. 

LEGO Ideas
Bruce Lowell designed these and they are a proposal for Lego Ideas. Fans have to vote for it to make it real. Sometimes the Lego Ideas become real, some don't. Jason says nothing about the MegaBloks deal that prevents us from exploring LEGO ideas He says, "LEGO ideas submissions often find their way into other Lego avenues (full lines, games etc.) Can't say it enough: if you'd like to see LEGO Power Rangers stuff, we really need you guys to rally up, get behind it and vote with your votes! Sharing on social is also an excellent way to help (and Bruce has made it easy for us with banners available on his website)."
I personally would like to see Lego take over the license. Lots of fans do. My nephew can't tell the difference, he says MegaBloks is Lego. There was a Lego scam back in July saying Lego had the Movie license but ended up being untrue. 

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