Sunday, February 16, 2014



Fury Diamond who went to the New York Toy Fair says the Bandai Rep told him that there will only be 60 keys. TokuNation also reports they were told 60. There is 14 Multipacks out there with 3 keys each, making 42 keys, with Red Aquitar and Lauren makes 46. With the upcoming Super Megaforce #2 pack with Red, Pink and Yellow makes 48 unique keys and Razzle calculated 7 more Multipacks making 69. Which doesn't make sense. Fury Diamond says the Bandai Rep says they only made 3 per pack forthe ones who represented the season better and there will be NO BLIND PACKS but Single bags that you can see what key you are going to get. But there won't be any new ones, just repeats of the old ones which makes no freaking sense. FD says what is the point of that? I agree.

 The Ranger Key app has 166 Rangers, it should be 122 including Titanium Ranger and the Extra Heroes. Why even draw those Ranger Keys and put them there? Why even draw Ninjor? It makes no sense to me! I am really mad. Some people say they would expect this from Bandai America and they suck. Bandai told TokuNation that how they communicate with fans is through Power Force but most PF members and I responded that they must have the definition of 'communication' incorrect because it is a two-way thing. We haven't heard a thing from them. I am so disappoint and want to cry. At least Bandai Japan gave us complete sets. Supposedly we will get more keys at conventions but not everyone can afford to go to conventions.

Larry Koopa of Rangerboard has posted this from a catalog:
 It shows all the Red Rangers including an exclusive Mighty Morphin Key with Dragon Shield. Also the previously unseen Jungle Fury Red, and yet unreleased Dino Thunder, Operation Overdrive and RPM Keys (which we have seen at NYCC and SDCC). Also he says the Silver Super Megaforce Key was spotted with the Silver Legendary Morpher and the Silver Ranger Hero Set.
So far as of 7/10 this looks like how many unique Ranger Keys there will be available for purchase (at stores and conventions), for more details check:
  1. Super Megaforce Red
  2. Megaforce Red
  3. Samurai Red
  4. RPM Red
  5. Jungle Fury Red
  6. Operation Overdrive Red
  7. Mystic Force Red
  8. SPD Red
  9. Dino Thunder Red
  10. Ninja Storm Red
  11. Wild Force Red
  12. Time Force Red
  13. Lightspeed Red
  14. Lost Galaxy Red
  15. In Space Red
  16. Turbo Red
  17. Zeo Red
  18. Alien Red
  19. MMPR Red
  20. Robo Knight
  21. MMPR Blue
  22. Alien Blue
  23. Zeo Blue
  24. Turbo Blue
  25. In Space Blue
  26. Lost Galaxy Blue
  27. Lightspeed Blue
  28. Time Force Blue
  29. Wild Force Blue
  30. Ninja Storm Blue
  31. Dino Thunder Blue
  32. SPD Blue
  33. Operation Blue
  34. Jungle Fury Blue
  35. RPM Blue
  36. Samurai Blue
  37. Megaforce Blue
  38. Super Megaforce Blue
  39. Super Megaforce Green
  40. MMPR Green
  41. Turbo Green
  42. Lost Galaxy Green
  43. Lightspeed Green
  44. Time Force Green
  45. SPD Green
  46. Mystic Force Green
  47. Samurai Black
  48. Megaforce Black
  49. Operation Overdrive Black
  50. Dino Thunder Black
  51. Wild Force Black
  52. Space Black
  53. Alien Black
  54. MMPR Black
  55. Super Megaforce Yellow
  56. Megaforce Yellow
  57. Samurai Yellow
  58. RPM Yellow
  59. Jungle Fury Yellow
  60. Mystic Force Yellow
  61. Ninja Storm Yellow
  62. Zeo Yellow
  63. MMPR Yellow
  64. Super Megaforce Pink
  65. Megaforce Pink
  66. Samurai Pink
  67. MMPR Pink
  68. MMPR White
  69. Super Megaforce Silver



Not an Admin /null/ said...

Maybe they mean only 60 unique molds of keys?

NemesisPrime said...[user]=137943682&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

This from a Diamond Comics catalog proves we'll at least get the main male rangers from each team.

But the female and 6th Rangers are being left out in the cold.

Unknown said...

Why would they even bother with all the artwork and making prototype molds of all of the ranger keys if they wouldnt give us all the keys? It makes no since. Basically, "Hey everyone, here are all the ranger keys in the display, but you are only getting 3 of each season because we feel that they represent the season best."