Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fan Made Figures and Rip-Offs

Sometimes I get loaded with too many pictures, so here are some random ones I put together. I found these online and I DO NOT OWN them, nor do I have other pictures of said product or figure.

Following thanks to Daniel S.....

 Someone made these from female figures and Red Ranger heads.

 Someone took an Auto-Morphin head and put it on a 2010 figure.

In Japan, someone made this custom Ranger Silver figure.

Another custsm Ranger Silver figure.

Someone made this Kat Ranger figure.

 Two different type of Titanium Ranger Keys.

 Someone took a pink figure and re-did it as a female Red in Japan.

1 comment:

animemaster9009 said...

I thought the Go-on silver stuff was pretty good, but as to the first three pics all I can do is (insert spitake) "WTH!?!?!"