Thursday, December 2, 2010

SPOILERS! NEWS! Introducing the Go-kaiger!

UPDATED 12/4/10 11:30 AM EST
This is the New Super Sentai for 2011. I know this pic is posted everywhere but might as well do it too. Dukemon22 post this at 11pm December 1st night time. The 'skull' image on them is not a skull nor a light bulb but a key, since they will be using 'Ranger Keys' in the series. The Main Robo Go-kaiOh is also said to exchange 'heads' with past Sentai Robos. And the mecha seem to be half-animal, half-vehicle again.

It is called Pirate Sentai Go-kaiger.
3 men, 2 women.

Better translation from Dukemon22 of the image's info:

New Program, "Kaizoku Sentai Go-kaiger" February 13th, 2011 Start on TV-Asahi, Nationwide!The 35th Super Sentai Series, the likes of which have never been seen before in history. Their name, "Kaizoku Sentai Go-kaiger."

POINT 1- Go-kai! Soukai! Tsuukai! (Heroic! Exhilarating! Thrilling!) The motif of this year's heroes is "Pirates". This motif overflows in from both its popularity in anime, cinema and other types of entertainment.

POINT 2- Super Sentai Series 35th Work. A Memoiral Year. 34 Sentai Series and 200 past heroes are used in this work. Both parents and children alike can enjoy it.

POINT 3- Transformation items are the "Ranger Keys", keys which have the likenesses of past Sentai Heroes, and the Mobile Phone, "Mobairetsu". Using the keys, the Go-kaiger can turn into past sentai heroes and fight their enemies.

POINT 4- Their sword is the Go-kaiKen, their gun, the Go-kaiGun, which creates both an enchanting and violent Pirate Action.

POINT 5- Red's machine, Go-kaiGalleon, unites with "vehicles favorited by boys" to form the gattai robo, Go-kaiOh.

My Thoughts:
- Love the logo
- The sidearms are great, with the great and silver and black
- I like that their visors are different but the helmets are same basic shape. I like the 'tears' that are probably meant to be knives.
- Many people say the uniforms are a mix of Goseiger and Shinkenger, I agree but who wouldn't see a pirate in black? I like how they balance the gold accents with silver, the cuffs remind of barrels you find on a ship and also the cuffs of Dekaranger.
- I'm not liking the idea of the mecha being half-animal, half-vehicle again, it was cute for Go-Onger but it just looks tacky if Goseiger is any indication. Enough is enough.

Upcoming Toy List (Subject to change)
Ranger Key Series Henshin Keitai Mobairates
Releases in- February
A folding-type cell phone henshin device. Keypad on bottom half, screen on top half. When the Go-kaiger keys are inserted, the upper part is transformed, becoming the Go-kaiger mark. Example: When the ShinkenRed Key is inserted, the Mobirates sounds "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Iza Mairu!". This one comes with Go-kai Red Ranger Key. 190 Yen

Kaizoku Gattai DX Go-kaiOh
Releases in- February
Go-kaiGalleon (Red), which forms the body and head.
Racecar (Green), which forms the left arm.
Fighter plane (Blue), which forms the right arm and Pirate Hat
Trailer (Yellow), which forms the left leg
Submarine (Pink), which forms the right leg

When a dial is turned on the back of Go-kaiOh, 5 "Caps" appear on the front side of the robot. Cannons attach from the caps, and the robot enters "Hissatsu Form." Additional parts can be installed onto the caps. Go-kaiOh is said to resemble GrandLiner.

Go-kai Machine Series 01 MagiDragon
Releases in- February
2,500 Yen
These mecha can attach to Go-kaiOh's caps, changing its forms. When combined with MagiDragon, a Dragon's Face is seen in the body. The front side of the feet also show dragon's feet-and-claws. This form is called MagiGo-kaiOh. Comes with Magi Red Ranger Key.

Go-kai Machine Series 02 PatStriker
Releases in- March
When combined with PatStriker, the body has a clear-look appearance, as there is a luminescence gimmick, as well as tires being seen in some of the caps. Form is tentatively called DekaGo-kaiOh.

Go-kai Machine Series 03 GaoLion
Releases in- April
GaoLion can combine with Go-kaiOh in two ways. The first, is in a Centaur Form (Kentaurus Gattai), as it did in Gaoranger. The form is tentatively called GaoGo-kaiOh.
It also has a "Great Gattai" form, which is a humanoid form, but it is silhouetted in the toy catalog.

Ranger Key Series Go-kaiGun
Releases in- February
Comes with Goukai Green Ranger Key.

Ranger Key Series Go-kaiKen
Releases in- February
Comes with Goukai Pink Ranger Key.

Ranger Key Series Go-kaiBuckle
Releases in- February
Comes with Goukai Blue and Yellow Ranger Keys.

Ranger Key Series Ranger Key Set 01
Releases in- February
SD-type ranger figures, sort of lego like. Transforms into a key by raising both arms, and then raising the lower half of the body forward from the back. The key part is made from a resin looking material, colored grey. When inserted into the Mobirates a "click" sounds.

Small figures of each of the past reds, and also of all 5 Go-kaiger used for transformation. By folding at the back, the figure becomes a key. Using the keys, there are about 190 sounds the Mobirates can make. Red seems to come with the Mobirates, Blue and Yellow seem to come with the belt, Green comes with the Go-kaiGun, and Pink comes with the Go-kaiSword. There is a legendary 5 set, including 5 Red Ranger Keys, and the MagiRed key will come with MagiDragon.

Set 01 Ranger Keys included are GaoRed, VulEagle, MagiRed, GekiRed, and another. (Probably ChangeDragon, going from previous info)

Go-kaiger's 2nd Robo:
As opposed to Go-kaiOh, the 2nd Robo is rumored to be composed of animal mechas, based on powers of 5 more sentai teams the rangers will meet by the time of its release:

Red- Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaurs)
Blue- Shark (Sea)
Yellow- Lion (Land)
Pink- Bird (Air)
Green- Dragon (Mythical)

More at Toku Insider:


Manuel said...

I dont know why their visors reminds me to Magirangers

Anonymous said...

Dude, honestly, every time i think about this theme and season, I just start thinking about Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean. I'll have to see these suits in action because right now, they're just okay to me. The only thing I am just spazzing over is the Goukaiken. That sword is AMAZING! The mecha to me just seem like another selling tactic again, much like the headers on Goseiger. Hopefully, they don't keep pushing it in our faces like Goseiger. I will say that I am happy that Goukai Yellow is a female. I like male Yellow Sentai warriors but to me, I love the female Yellow Sentai warriors. I just wished she was taller or the same height as the Pink Sentai warrior but that's something I can live with. I wrote a special post about it in my blog as well if you would like to check it out.

psowill said...

I really love these designs . My only complaint is I was hopping for a female Blue and a Black pirate ranger.

I have to agree with everything else you said

Chynna Moore said...

I like the designs. The helmets and visors remind me of Maskman.

Unknown said...

Oh man! Not another yellow female! I feel pretty much identified with male yellows. Plus, I think that female only care about the oink ine, they have always done (my best example is my little sister and all my friends).

About the designs, I still don't get how the **** they choosed a pirate theme, but the designs are pretty much better than i expected, and they look A LOT like tho ones you drew, Good Job Gerald!

The sword looks amazing! But that gun looks sooo cheap! It looks like one of those bad toys you geta at a Dollar Store!

dukemon22 made another update at rangerboard, you should check it, it says that another animal base mecha will appear about april, which makes me think we'll see a lot of mechas this year.

It's fun, I was at the library in my school reading the Super Sentai article (as you may guess, I was VERY bored), and when the bell rings, ti read the last part of the seasons section, saying that the Goukaiger had just been shown! It was soooo amazinG! i typed this adress as fast as I could and saw the pic!