Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bandai Korea's Power Ranger Captain Force Ranger Keys

Korea has Gokaiger as Power Rangers Captain Force. The order of their Ranger Keys are interesting. The one above for #4 is Gosei Red, Tyrannoranger, Hurricane Red, Red Racer and Gokai Green. The only non-Power Ranger keys they seem to have so far are the Gorangers and VulEagle. I mean, they don't edit Gokaiger so it has all the 34 (the ones in Gokaiger of course) teams of Super Sentai. But I am not sure if all Super Sentai has aired in South Korea. But I am sure some of it sure had to. I mean, Sentai has aired in Brazil and France, so they had to have aired in other Asian countries.

Other sets are:
1: Geki Red, Dekared, Magired, Gaored, Vuleagle
2: Go Red, Ryuranger, Abared, Bouken Red, Ginga Red
3: Gorangers: Midoranger, Kiranger, Akaranger, Aoranger, Momoranger
4: Gosei Red, Tyrannoranger, Hurricane Red, Red Racer and Gokai Green
5: MagiShine, DekaBreak, Gokai Anchor, Shurikenger, Shinken Gold

Online Store:

 6: Go-Onger: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black
7: Shinkenger: Pink, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow
8: Goseiger: Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Pink
DX: Gokaiger: Pink, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow
SP: The rest: MaskRed, Red Falcon, Turbo Red, Red Five, Red Hawk, Oh Red, Mega Red, Time Red, Denzi Red, Dyna Red, Spade Ace, Red One, Change Phoenix, and Red Flash.

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