Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dairanger in Super Megaforce?

UPDATED 7/28/14
As you fans may know, Gosei Sentai Dairanger (1993) footage was used for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season two. Their 'zords' became Thunderzords, the White Ranger and the monsters and the Power Cannon were used but the main five Rangers suits were not used. Also the evil emperor suit was used for Master Org, the main Aura Changer became the Manga Morpher for the Magna Defender. So we never saw the Dairanger suits in Power Rangers...

until the episode "Stranger Ranger" of Power Rangers Megaforce that Ryuuranger is briefly seen.

Yesterday at the SDCC preview, TokuNation reported that the ShishiRanger of Dairanger key was at the Bandai display. Could this had been a mistake by Bandai or could they be in the show afterall?

FuryDiamond of Ranger Crew Blog and Megaforce Cast reported earlier at the Licensing Expo about Dairanger footage being used in the marketing teaser for Super Megaforce. In December, thanks to @Misturyellow we got a clearer teaser.

 Last year at SDCC, they had the Ryuuranger helmet to the right. Most fans thought it was a mistake, maybe it was intentional.

In Lost Galaxy, there was a rumor the suits would be used for 'Ancient Rangers.' In Megaforce sides (pages of dialogue for the auditioning actors), it had a seen between the Silver Ranger and the 'Star Force' Ranger, which fans believe is a Dairanger. I think it was just a placeholder and if they had put an existing character, fans would jump to conclusions. They can always say the Dairangers are an alien team or go with the Ancient Ranger theme. So fans are upset if the Dairanger suits are indeed used, then why not Titanium Ranger and the Spirit Rangers? I hope the Titanium Ranger doesn't show up as a SDCC exclusive next year. I used the Dairanger footage in my fan fiction film "Mythical Destiny" which was meant to be a web series but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought and couldn't get the whole cast back together.

 Anyways, I think it is a mixed blessing if they are used in the show. But just because we see them in the toys, doesn't mean we will see in the series. Remember T-Rex Ranger, Mammoth Ranger, and Triceratops Ranger from RPM toyline? Well apparently some people don't! Well they were in the toy line but not in the show.

I just figured that it could be that they added Dairanger to have 20 teams. MMPR to Super Megaforce are 19 teams, so it could make sense.  Let me introduce you to them. Most people go with the default 'DaiRed' because most Sentai shows o that way with the name of the show and color. But they go by their Mythical animals.

Ryuu Ranger (Dragon Ranger)
His mythical beast is the dragon, he has power of fire. His main weapon was a sword. Their team sidearms are the Star cutters, they have a laser and a blade that combine. Most likely their individual names will be like 'Red ____ Ranger.' If they are Ancient Rangers, then Red Ancient Ranger or Star Force, then Red Star Force Ranger. Mostly like if they use them, we won't be seeing them in ACG until Super Megaforce starts.

 Houhou Ranger (Phoenix Ranger)
The only one to originally have a skirt because she was the only female. Her power is wind. Her weapon was a spear on the show but it isn't in the Gokaiger footage. While the Thunderzord was a Firebird, she originally had a Phoenix. 

 Kirin Ranger
Kirin is an ancient mythical beast, also known as the Qillin. He was originally male but in Super Megaforce, Gia 'might' be using a female version of the suit if they use the footage. He had a nine-piece chain that was not in the Gokaiger footage. He could reverse time for an attack. His Kirin became a Thunderzord called a Griffin.

 Shishi Ranger (Lion Ranger)
His power was illusions, he could make trucks, bicycles or anything else appear to run over a villain. Remember how the Lion Thunderzord didn't seem to have a power? Well, it originally made an illusion of the one of the villains but since he didn't exist in MMPR, he was cut out. He had a staff that wasn't used in Gokaiger.

 Tenma Ranger (Pegasus Ranger)
His power was to levitate things. His Pegasus became Unicorn Thunderzord. His tonfa wasn't used in Gokaiger.

As of the episode "Silver Lining Part 2" of Super Megaforce, the Dairanger suits premiere in the second episode "Earth Fights Back" and the episode "Samurai Surprise." Gosei says the powers hadn't been seen on this planet yet.

 At the Comic Con 2014, the Dairanger appeared once again but in the banners. Only Green and Pink. Green showed up at the Comic Con 2013 on display. Pink was in the treasure box but only I noticed. pictures thanks to Megaforce Cast.

Houhouranger at Comic Con 2013 treasure box.

The Houhouranger (Pink Dairanger) Ranger Key even appeared in the Super Mega Cannon promotional photo and appears in the cover art, back and front.

@BigMike8109 took this photo of the back of the Super Mega Cannon box. It clearly is Houhouranger.


Unknown said...

Im pretty sure they're going to be used because they were in a bit of troy's dream, they were in the marketing teaser clear as day, and they're in the toy line

swimrec21 said...

I miss Disney. At least they cared somewhat for the first couple years. Saban seems to just be in this purely for the profit. Maybe I'm just getting too old to be watching a children's show, but Megaforce is AWFUL in every way including theme song, acting, sets, editing of Japanese footage, etc.! Megaforce is the TURBO of the new millennium! And whats with the "Super Megaforce?" We really need to use "Super" again? I am really nervous to see how bad they handle the use of ranger keys and pirate costumes in the next season. They should have stuck with the cards to morph into past rangers for Super Megaforce and just used the Ultra Mode. I don't see Power Rangers lasting that much longer again after the run on Nickelodeon.