Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Original American Megazord Footage

I decided to list the instances that the Power Rangers producers didn't use stock footage from Super Sentai of robots fighting and made their own! Thanks to SirStack for telling me of the many others I forgot!

Infamous Power Stealer
Thunder Megazord hitting Octophantom.

Tigrzord vs. Thunder Megazord
In "The Best Man for the Job" of Season 2, Rita gets control of Saba and calls upon the White Tigerzord to fight the Thunder Megazord. The majority of the fight was original footage, but funny enough there was footage of the two titans fighting in Dairanger. But maybe because he was fighting alongside Thunder (Silverhorns) and wouldn't make sense. Also in that scene, the Ryuuranger (red) went into Kibaranger's (white) cockpit to stop him and Saban didn't have the white ranger's cockpit.

Repellator vs. Thunderzords
In "A Friend in Need" Part 3 of Season 3, we see a second Thunderzord battle, between the repainted Silver Horns. It fought Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord. This was specifically shot for Power Rangers only.

Thunderzords deconstruct
In "Ninja Quest Part 1," the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord are ripped apart, all original footage. Thi did not come from Dairanger.

Shogunzords vs Sinister Simian
Shogunzords vs Sinister Simian in "A Chimp in Charge," I had no idea about this! I missed some of the third season 'oners' and never looked hem up. "Changing of the Zords" the Shogunzords debuted, don't have a pic of that.

Goldar vs Ninjor
Goldar vs Ninjor in "A Ranger Catasrophe, Part I" when Ninjor was kidnapped.

Rita and Zedd finally grow
When not technically a Megazord battle, when I was a kid, I was like 'why doesn't Rita and Zedd grow themselves?" In "Rangers in Reverse," Rita and Zedd make themselves, including Goldar and Rito grow.

Varox Bodyhunter ships vs. Pyramidas
Pyramidas fighting the Varox in "Revelations of Gold."

The Rangers finally grow
In "Good as Gold," the Gold Ranger makes the Zeo Rangers grow. Many complaints from non-fans that why the Rangers didn't grow and fight on their own, and not use robos. This didn't happen in Ohranger.

Turbo Megzord vs. Maligore
SirStack reminded me to add Turbo Megazord vs. Maligore on Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

Turbo Megazord vs. Chromite
In "Shadow Rangers," the Turbo Megazord took care of Chromite through a shadow and some what Joss Whedon calls 'Flubodium." The Turbo Megazord also saved a teen in "Built for Speed".

Mega Winger Battle

In "Countdown to Destruction" in "Power Rangers in Space," Mega Silver in Mega Winger battled evil. There was also footage of Mega Voyager falling down and the Rangers in front of it that wasn't stock from Megaranger. I couldn't find a picture but the Zords were holding off the asteroid in "Dark Specter's Revenge, Part I & II."

Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord fight Psycho Pink
The Astro Megazord was present throughout the Lost Galaxy season but wasn't used until the Space Rangers arrive. Presumely because they didn't have the shuttle, they couldn't form the Megazord and the Rangers probably brought the shuttle. Anyhoo, the producers provided new footage of the new megazords fighting the Psycho Pink monster. This was the only Teamup Megazord battle that was original.

Loyax's Last Battle
They had some extra footage of Galaxy Megazord fighting Loyax in order for the megazord to zap off the controlling device off Loyax's arm.

Torozord keeping the wormhole open
In "Escape from the Lost Galaxy," the Torozord (even though being small enough to fit in the TerraVenture) kept the portal open for TerraVenture to go through.

Centarurus and Stratoforce battling
We had the two zords fghting evil outside of the crash city dome in "A Journey's End Part 2".


We saw the Galactabeasts (outside of Gingaman footage) in their first introduction, come out of cages, be 'surfed on' by Cassie and finally enjoying fireworks on Mirinoi. And I think the Lion and Wolf would go to Maya to get everyone worried from time to time, all American footage. I think Lost Galaxy was the only season to have the most original 'big' footage.

Lifeforce Megazord and Omega Megazord
In Lightspeed Rescue finale, the Lifeforce Megazord was taken over by the bad guys and they used it to destroy the Aquabase, which of course wasn't part of GoGo Five. And they also shot new footage of the Omega Megazord.

Q-Rex Arise!
Some original footage of Q-Rex appearing in "Quantum Secrets."

The Only Disney Megazord Footage
In Power Rangers SPD, we were served the first original battle between Omni and SWAT Megazord. Omni of course was CGI and probably the footage of the Rangers in their cockpits was recycled.

And of course, there was plenty fo new CGI of the Wild Zords, Bio Zords from Dino Thunder (for the morphs and other random things), GekiBeasts (for the beast attacks), and the RPM Zords (for the stuff that appeared on Dr. K's screen and when Gem flew his zord, etc.).


SirStack said...

What about the Zords holding off the asteroid in "Dark Specter's Revenge, Part I & II"? What about Pyramidas fighting the Varox in "Revelations of Gold"? What about Thunder Megazord hitting Octoplant in "The Power Stealer"? What about the Shogunzords fighting Sinister Simian in "A Chimp in Charge"?

There's others, but those come to mind immediately.

SirStack said...

Additionally: Giant Goldar vs Ninjor in "A Ranger Catasrophe, Part I" should probably count. "Changing of the Zords" had the Shogunzords debut in US footage. There was some new stuff of Galaxy Megazord vs Loyax in "Loyax' Last Battle". Turbo Megazord, aside from the movie, killed Chromite in "Shadow Rangers" and saved a teen in "Built for Speed". There was original footage of Quantasaurus Rex in "Quantum Secrets". And there were quite a few shots of the CGI Wildzords throughout Wild Force that were original (such as the debut of the Giraffezord).

Anonymous said...

The combination of the Super Sentai & Power Ranger´s gigant robot, apier only in US & New Zealand footage, is inpresive!! You know?


Lavender Ranger said...

Wow Sir Strack, I didn't remember much of that, so thanks. If you say it, I believe it.

Anonymous said...

wow this film is a long time.
I love this film when a kid

Anonymous said...

Ninja Storm:Storm Before the Calm.
There's another one.

Lavender Ranger said...

I saw Before the Calm again, I don't see any original footage except for the cockpits shots of Lothor.

Unknown said...

As for the Zeorangers growing big in the finale, I think the writers just want Zeo to end with a bang! I thought it worked just nice.

Unknown said...

I think the original zord footage Anonymous was referring to in Storm Before The Calm was during the battle between Vexacus and the Megazords in Part 1. It's tough to see because it's incredibly quick but Disney reshot some scenes involving Vexacus and the Thunder Megazord because in Hurricanger there was a stabbing scene during that point.

There is however a scene in Part 2 involving the Storm Megazord that could be new footage since I don't remember ever seeing it at all in Hurricanger.