Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poll: What odd colors should a new Ranger be?

Brown ブラウン
I am not crazy about this color but some people like it. Closest we have had has been Richard Brown in Shinkenger.

Chartreuse ライムグリーン
It is like a lime green.

Turquoise ターコイズ
I think this would be the most likely, as female blues have been light blue.

Orchid color 蘭
Light pink-purple, exactly the same color of the flower of the same name.

Fuchsia フクシア
Like Magenta, it is kinda of a pink but mix with red and purple. I love this color but I think it is unlikely it will be used because it is so much like pink. Maybe for the male Pink Ranger if there is ever one.

Periwinkle ツルニチニチソウ
It is like a light blue with a mix of violet.

Peach 桃
Peach is a popular fruit in Japan. In America, many use the crayon peach as skin color.

1 comment:

Luca said...

I really.. DON'T like brown. It makes me think of crap.

I sometimes think of myself as a turquoise ranger.