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Power Ranger exclusive or re-created cockpits

UPDATED 7/10/09 9:30 AM EST
I have covered the shared cockpits before and covered the cockpits made for the Ninja Megazord and Turbo Megazord in both movies, which I won't cover here, only stuff for the shows. Updates in Yellow.

Cyclopsis Cockpit
Goldar had a warzord, it originally belonged to Bandora's son Kai, a new cockpit was constructed for Goldar.

Bulk and Skull in Dream Megazord Cockpit
In "Crystal of Nightmares" Bulk & Skull pilot the Megazord. It was pretty accurate depiction for the first season. No lights inside though and only two chairs. But surprisingly, they didn't use it more.

Thunder Megazord Cockpit
They replaced the Dairanger with the MMPR rangers in Season 2, but it was basically modeled after the original cockpit, as they seemed to be sitting down, but were standing. It was circular and only a bit of footage was made.

Season 3 Cockpits
Just like for the movie, they made a cockpit for the Ninjazord Megazords because the Kakuranger (who were used for Aquitar Rangers) were the original pilots.

Ninjazord/Shogunzord Cockpits
By Season 3, the Rangers did get their own cockpits for the Ninjazords and Shogunzords. They looked like the Dinozords cockpits but they stood up in them.

Titanium Ranger Cockpit
I mentioned this before, how they created this. It was pretty detailed but I was surprised how they didn't even try to match in visual style or lighting or the angle. I have trouble matching with my fan film project but I am not a professional.

Lifeforce Megazord
SirStack reminded me that the Batlings and Jinxer also had a cockpit when they took over the Lifeforce Megazord.

Time Force Cockpit
I didn't know about this, thanks to SirStack once again! An American-made Time Force Megazord cockpit appeared in "Movie Madness, Part 2" and "The End of Time, Part 3".It's not exactly the same, less stuff in the back and no lights in the back.

Ninja Storm Cockpits
They re-created the cockpits, I don't have the side-by-side pictures but they are slightly different, one component missing or like some lights on the PR one not working.

Marah Zord Cockpit
Original cockpit made to replace the Japanese actress in the original robot.

Shimazu Zord Cockpit
It seems they made the same cockpit for the three, they probably reshot Shimazu in order to match the other cockpits.

Kapri Zord cockpit
Original cockpit made to replace the Japanese actress in the original robot. It seems they only made one and redress it. Maybe they redressed the Hurricanger ones too and it was only one.

Lothor Cockpit
Tao Zanto's final form in Hurricanger became Lothor's zord and he needed a cockpit for it.

SPD Cockpit
I am sure they probably re-shot some of the SPD Rangers in their cockpits but the most obvious recreation was the presence of the A-Squad Rangers in SPD cockpits.

Operation Overdrive cockpits
They recreated the cockpits, maybe Toei shipped the pieces to them because they looked authentic, but the lighting was different.

Flurious Cockpit
I couldn't find a good pic but Gajah's cockpit in one of the monster robots was replaced with Flurious.

Operation Overdrive 'Once a Ranger' cockpits
They also shot the Veteran Rangers in the cockpits for "Once a Ranger," but I couldn't find a pic.

Jungle Fury Cockpit
They re-created the cockpit for one or two episodes. It was pretty easy to do since the cockpits for Gekiranger weren't that hard to recreate.

RPM Cockpits
The individual cockpits were recreated and I think they were reused throughout the series. We also saw the actor's eyes under the helmets while in the cockpits. But of course, they probably weren't inside the cockpits when they shot that.

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SirStack said...

The original Megazord cockpit in "Crystal of Nightmares". The Time Force Megazord cockpit appeared in "Movie Madness, Part 2" and "The End of Time, Part 3". The Lifeforce Megazord cockpit in "The Fate of Lightspeed". The closest thing in Zeo was the auxillary sub-cockpit in "Rangers of Two Worlds".

James Spiring said...

The Thunder Megazord cockpit picture is wrong. You've shown the cockpit of the Sentai version of MegaTigerzord, Kibadaioh, instead of that of Dairenoh, Thunder Megazord's counterpart.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Power Ranger´s mega zords cockpits. But, Includad the Japanese & American version´s footstage!!


Lavender Ranger said...

I know I used Kibadaioh, it was the only one that size I could use. I was too lazy to make a capture.