Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Gokaiger Promo with ALOT of Past Heroes

There is this new promo that aired after Goseiger this week.

I wonder if they really got over 160 people to get in these suits or just use mannequins for the back. Dukemon22 says most likely they are extras, just hired for the day. Fixed it-- no where's waldo there.

This clearly took me forever, it actually took me 3 hours to complete.
I might be missing some as there are many in the back. Some People were saying Geki Blue was missing but he is behind Geki Chopper. Lots of the sixth Rangers are included such as Gao Silver, Gosei Knight, Shinken Gold, Go-On Gold, Go-On Silver, MagiShine, Dragonranger, Kibaranger (you can kind of see his helmet behind Go Green), etc. You can't see most of the Megaranger and Jetman because they are obstructed by the 35th anniversary logo.

I don't think BullBlack, Signalman, MagiMother, Ninjaman, nor VRV Master are there. I did notice I didn't see Deka Bright or Deka Swan. I don't think Deka Master is there either. For sure Wolzard, Mele and Rio are not there. I counted around 160 visible heroes. Mega Black, Mega Yellow, Go Red, Red Hawk, the other Maskman, other Dynaman, other Turboranger and the other Bioman are most likely there but blocked. I counted before 185 regular heroes, and plus Goukaiger, that is 190.


Anonymous said...

Oh Pink is righ behind Gao Black

Anonymous said...

well now we know who is considered a ranger and not a secondary hero

is magi shine their or bull black or wolzard because they may be extra heroes

Anonymous said...

uhg, can you post a picture with out waldo, I want to make it my wallpaper and cannot with waldo there.

Mark said...

I'll say this: That Marvelous guy's got style.

Jon B said...

Awesome. I don't care if are any mannequins there, that rocked. I think some are missing (or I missed them by being awestruck) but there are a great variety, without an abundance from one era. Now I'm more excited for Gokaiger.

Lavender Ranger said...

Magi Shine is there.

Fantasy Leader said...

That part where it's wondering if it's Kingranger or Black Mask.... I'm pretty sure that's Kingranger. Since the other Ohrangers are near him. Plus, The Liveman and Turborangers are standing near him, while the rest of the Maskman are more towards the left.

I find it weird how whenever Toei shows off group shots of Sentai teams, how only specific members are ever acknowledged.

For example, DekaBreak is always acknowledged. But DekaMaster never is.

BullBlack is acknowledged in some of the team shots. But in others, like this one, he is missing. It seems like Toei isn't sure weather to count BullBlack as an official Sentai Warrior or not.

Rio and Mele are also not present. Indeed, these two are very debatable amongst fans. But during Gekiranger, Toei treated them like they were Sentai Warriors just as much as the other five Gekirangers. Heck, even in the team up, Go-onger vs Gekiranger, Rio and Mele join in with the roll call. Even yelling out "We are Super Sentai!" Plus, AbareKiller is there, and he was with a sentai team in less episodes than Rio and Mele were! What did he do to deserve to get into this group, that Rio and Mele failed at?

Wolzard Fire and MagiMother are also not present. But MagiShine is. Which also looks weird, since it was considered to be very important for Magiranger to have all eight members to complete the family.

I also find it weird how Big One is in the back, rather than be up front with the Gorangers. For the first 29 seasons, Big One was treated as the official mascot of Super Sentai. But now, it feels like people are forgetting him. Which is kinda sad. Everyone seems to be focusing more on AkaRed, despite his brief appearance in the franchise.

Female ShinkenRed is also not there. I guess Toei didn't want the same costume twice.

There's no way VRV Master would be on here. This isn't Power Rangers.

I also find it weird how Toei acknowledges Akared more than other Sentai characters. Heck, Akared had less screen time than even X1 Mask!

I guess Toei only counts the main five members of each team, including additional warriors, ONLY if they are wearing spandex? Hmm. That can't be. Cause GoseiKnight is there. Yet, BullBlack isn't???? I'm really confused. At least BullBlack had a human identity! That's closer to the sentai description than what GoseiKnight has.

All of this just adds onto the confusion. LOL. Toei said that there were supposed to be 200 heroes. Yet, Toei clearly doesn't acknowledge 200 of them. Are we missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Waldo is still in the picture, he just henshin-ed into one of the rangers in the

Anonymous said...

bull black
deka master
deka swan
deak gold
deka bright
magi mother

these are the ones who could count thats 10 the only ones left that could work would have to be mask green or gosei green

Shinken Saint said...

I really like the look of Goukai Yellow; her serious looks can already kick some ass!