Friday, January 7, 2011

35th Anniversary Special

Dukemon says
Mail Magazine (an official by e-mail update newsletter) states that 1/22/11, the premiere date of Goseiger VS Shinkenger, a 35th Anniversary Special will air at 10:55 AM, and will cover all 35 Sentai, from "the 1st, Himitsu Sentai Goranger, to the latest, Kaizoku Sentai Go-kaiger."

For us in the United States, Saturday, the 22nd, 10:55 AM, would be Friday, 8:55 PM (East Coast), 7:55 PM (Central) and 5:45 PM (West Coast).

most likely it will be a half-hour long. The reason it is at '55', many channels in different counties (even Latin American ones) like to have the show early so people stayed tuned.

you can see episodes online live streaming the day they air. You can use KeyHoleTv that let's you see Japanese TV live, you just have download it and look for TV Asahi. I have a mac and there is a mac version.


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i cant get it too work on my laptop so mad

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off topic please do a micro machines post