Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Toys List (So Far)

List of most of the upcoming Hasbro toys...

6" figures
Fans love these so far, they come with keys to unlock features and sounds. Tronic is the footsolider and Blaze Ranger --- in Go-Busters, Dark Buster didn't have a figure.

Beast Racer Zord

Beast Wheeler Converting Zord

Dual Converting Beast Chopper Converting Zord

Beast Jet Converting Zord
Beast Wrecker Zord

Beast X Megazord
Cheetah, Gorilla, Rabbit, Stag Beetle and Rhino Beetle. Cheetah goes from animal to robot to car. Cheetah, Gorilla and Rabbit combine. Gorilla goes from truck to animal. Rabbit goes from helicopter to rabbit. 

Deluxe Megazords
Ultrazord to the left.

Playskool Heroes
It seems they will be doing a variety of seasons and Red Dragon Thunderzord looks good.

The Wild Force Megazord doesn't look as good. 

Cheetah Beast BlasterOriginal, not from Sentai, NERF gun.

Beast-X Morpher
Comes with key that unlocks features.

Beast X Saber
Common sidearm.

Cheetah Blade
Original creation, not from Sentai

Cheetah Claw
Original, not from Sentai. 

UPDATED 2/15/19
Lightning Collection
MM White Ranger
Lord Zedd
Shadow Ranger
Red Dino Charge Ranger

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Anonymous said...

I wish they went back to using Japanese robots again and just rebox them. My mom bought the American Dino charge robots on a flea market. Those things are a disgrace, the robot didn't even hold on the table without falling