Friday, November 29, 2013

Lavender Ranger's suspicions on Ranger Key Blind Packs

There will be no blind packs
First three Pics from Linear Ranger
On the week of November 29th, 2013, I checked at three Toys R Uses in Miami, FL and they didn't have any Super Megaforce toys and they said on the computer that Florida did not have them at all. They usually show up by the first or second week of December and they did appear during that time. You would think they would be available for Black Friday but Florida sucks.

The following is just my speculations and not based on fact at all:

Razzle of Razzle's Dazzles track down that there will be so far 14 3-Key backs. As of January 2014, 7 have been spotted with 7 more to come. First come out Super Megaforce (R, B, G), Megaforce (R, B, Bl), Lost Galaxy (R, B, G), Lightspeed (R, B, G), Wild Force (R, B, Bl), Mystic Force (R, G, Y), and Samurai (R, B, G). Most of the back of the boxes showed female Red Ranger but the Samurai set came with male Red Ranger. 38251, 38252, 38253, 38254, 38255, 38256, and 38257 are the ids for those.

The second round will have MMPR (R, B, Bl), Zeo (R, B, G or Y), Turbo (R, B, G), In Space (R, B, Bl), Time Force (R, B, G), Ninja Storm (R, B, Y), and SPD (R, B, G). 38258, 38259, 38260, 38261, 38262, 38263 and 38264 are those ids. Bandai UK has a pic of Yellow Zeo Key instead of Green that has been in the back of boxes. They only include 3 and not 5 or 6, I have my suspicions on what keys will be included in the blind packs. 

 Also, since the majority of the Rangers missing from the packs are females, has me suspicious if the majority of the blind packs will be mostly females. Because as we know Bandai thinks mostly boys buy these and don't want the girls, so they supply with less females. So now I am guiding myself more by the keys we have seen at both Comic-Cons: SDCC and NYCC. They had a lot of Sixth Rangers. 

FuryDiamond of,, and supplied this picture:
And guiding myself by the Ranger Key App as they have Titanium Ranger and Ninjor. They also have extra heroes (Blue Senturion, Magna Defender, Shadow Ranger, Lauren) but excluded some that were in Gokaiger (Kat Ranger, White Mystic Ranger, Sentinel Knight, Wolf Warrior, Dai Shi, and Camile).

Now since the Battle Ready Figures seem not to be part of the Super Megaforce line this time, I think the Ranger Key Blind Pack will be replacing that. For fans not knowing what Battle Ready figures are, they are chibi figures that started with Samurai but with Megaforce, they come with cards. There are 3 series, the third series hasn't come out yet. The second series I have not seen in stores. Anyway 12 figures came with each series. With Megaforce, 6 were regular Megaforce, 2 were transparent and four were MMPR. 
 There is seven more IDs for the Ranger Key multipacks: 38265, 38266, 38267, 38268, 38269, 38278 and 38279. So the Seasons missing are Alien Rangers, Dino Thunder, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury and RPM. That leaves two more that could be Sixth Rangers or something else. Razzle says he suspects there will be 29 in total. My guess for the colors would be:
  1. Alien Rangers: Red, Blue, Black
  2. Dino Thunder: Red, Blue, Yellow (Ended up being Black instead of Yellow)
  3. Operation Overdrive: Red, Blue, Black
  4. Jungle Fury: Red, Blue, Yellow
  5. RPM: Red, Blue, Yellow

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 So going with 12, I am guessing each Ranger Key series will be 12 to collect. It might be 4 females out of 12 keys judging by Japanese Gashapon Keys. I am going also by the keys at the comic-cons and the 7 Multi-packs came out so far (Super Megaforce, Megaforce, Lightspeed, Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, Mystic Force and Samurai). They might throw in some Super Megaforce transparent or translucent male keys (Blue, Green, etc). Here I put in the male category: Shadow Ranger, Solaris Knight, Gold Samurai Ranger, Robo Knight, and Lunar Wolf Ranger. In Female: MMPR Pink (or maybe Lightspeed), Samurai Pink, White Wild Force Ranger, Lost Galaxy Pink, Super Megaforce Pink and Super Megaforce Yellow and Megaforce Yellow. While this wouldn't complete MMPR, Samurai, Turbo and Megaforce teams, I am going by what keys were at Comic Con.

And my hypothetical second series would have Pink Time Force Ranger, Pink Turbo Ranger, Pink Space Ranger, Yellow Space Ranger, and RPM Ranger Silver. And for males: Yellow Aquitar Ranger (or Navy Ranger), Crimson Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger RPM Ranger Black, White Dino Ranger and Violet Wolf Ranger. Now, there won't be RPM, Dino Thunder nor Jungle Fury Multipacks at first  but I just added them because they were at the con. They could just might as well put the other missing rangers like Megaforce Pink, Samurai Yellow, Lost Galaxy Yellow, Time Force Yellow, Wild Force Yellow, Lightspeed Yellow, Lightspeed Pink, Mighty Morphin Yellow, Turbo Yellow, Omega Ranger, Magna Defender,  Titanium Ranger, SPD Pink and Yellow, etc.

Now they don't necessarily have to be 12, they could be 14 or more but I don't see them being 24. I hope they won't be 8 per series or something less. But judging by like Mega Bloks and the Battle Ready figures, it usually 10 or 12.

As for the Japanese Keys, there was Deluxe, Gashapon and Candy Toys. Deluxe had the full team sets that had 1 or 2 female keys. Candy Toys had very little female ratio as there was just Go-On Wings and Princess Shinken Red. Gashapon ranger keys: set 2 had 1 of 12, Set 4: 2 of 12, Set 5: 2 of 12, Set 6: 4 of 12, Set 7: 3 of 12, Legendary Set 1 had 5 of 16, Legendary Set 2: 4 of 15, Legendary Set 3: 3 of 18, Legendary Set 4: 5 of 18, Legendary Set 5: 7 of 18. Female Ranger Key ratio in Japanese sets was 1:3, 1:4, 1:6. meaning 1 female for every 3 male. Meaning that maybe we will get 2 or 4 females in a set of 12 or 14. If we're lucky, I am hoping and praying we don't get 2 females out of 12 or 14.


SunnyC247 said...

Very interesting speculation.
I guess Bandai of America is treating Ranger Key Blind Pack like Gashapon Keys which was also random.
Maybe they might release American Exclusive Rangers (Titanium, Spirit Rangers, etc.) as "Secret"/Rare Key or something.

Evan said...

Have they even released series two of the battle ready figures in stores? I'm in PA and I haven't seen the second series ANYWHERE. -_-

Unknown said...

I only hope for all the keys for 1 reason I have been buying bandai's shit for 12 years so I would like to display at least something I can show for those 12 years