Friday, November 23, 2018

Beast Morpher toy listings speculations

Power Ranger Talk found these listings on Amazon a week ago. 

 Joining the Lightning Collection:
White Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
Pink Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
Lord Zedd - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
Magna Defender - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Shadow Ranger - Power Rangers S.P.D. 
Red Ranger - Power Rangers Beast Morphers 
Gold Ranger - Power Rangers Beast Morphers 
Red Ranger - Power Rangers Dino Charge

Playskool Heroes
I guess Imaginext is over because Hasbro has now coming  up Playskool Heroes. The figures are smaller than the Imaginext ones. No descriptions so it is unknown what series Rinozord and Wolf zords are from. 
Feature T-Rex Zords 
Mega Mighties Mighty Morphin Red Ranger 
Blind Bags 
2 Pack Figures 
Morphin Rinozord 
Morphin Zords 
Feature Wolf Zords 
Feature Zords Morphin Pterazord 
2 Pack Tri-Cycle 
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger

 Beast Morphers
Here is the gold nugget, recently found. 
Jack Beast Bot 
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Silver Ranger
Gold Ranger
Tronic (could be the minions)
Drilltron (Monster?)
Evox (main villain)
Beastbot figures Assorted
Lord Zedd (size unknown)
Zord action figures 

12 inch figures:
Blue Ranger
Blaze V Ranger
Red Ranger

Beast X Megazord
Beast Racer Zord
Smash Blue Beastbot
Cruise Red Beastbot

Cheetah Claw
Blue Ranger Mask
Cheetah Beast Blaster
Reactive Kata Sword
Beast X Morpher

Micro Morphers Blind Bag Assorted
Mirco Morpher Zords

Adam (@liladam87) says "Drilltron" could be Drilloid from Go-Busters.

I don't know the Blaze Ranger has 'v.' People are curious how the Evok figure will look like. I like the Beastbots are getting various figures and also Roxy, confirming that is the name of the villainess. It looks like they are continuing the monsters like Bandai was doing. Also interesting they are releasing Gold and Silver in the first wave, probably because the toys will be released in April, when the series on hiatus.

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