Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Funko Vinyl Pop Power Rangers

UPDATED 1/1/17
In 2012, Funko released three Power Rangers and that was it. All of the sudden., they released a butt load more and yes, even though they have been mostly Mighty Morphin, they have also released new poses and exclusives.
In 2012, they released:
#22 - White Ranger
#23 - Red Ranger
#24 - Pink Ranger

Recently in 2016 they release these:
#360 - Green Ranger
#361 - Black Ranger
#352 - Yellow Ranger
#354 - Blue Ranger

Soon these new poses will be released, some have been spotted:
#405 - White Ranger
#406 - Red Ranger
#407 - Pink Ranger

Blue Ranger #363 Exclusive with metallic paint and Wolf Ninja symbol was only available at Target a few months ago. Summer 2016?

Alpha #408 is said to be released in December Exclusive by Target.

#407 Pink Ranger metallic with Crane Ninja Symbol to be released exclusively at Hot Topic in 2017.

#406 Red Ranger metallic with Ape Ninja Symbol also available at Hot Topic. 

Exclusive of Gamestop of Yellow Ranger metallic and gold.

2017 Movie Funko Pop Figures
#396 Black Ranger
#397 Pink Ranger
#398 Yellow Ranger
#399 Blue Ranger
#400 Red Ranger
#401 Rita (Elizabeth Banks) -- Hot Topic exclusive [Feb 2017]

Gamestop exclusives of Translucent Power Rangers

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