Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Mystery of the Zeo Green Key

UPDATED 1/22/15
When fans first saw the Ranger Keys available were in the back of the Megazord and Morpher products at New York Comic Con 2013. We saw the first and second wave of keys. All of those keys were released EXCEPT for Zeo Ranger Four Green and Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren). Three keys were released per teams. For example, the first Super Megaforce multipack came with Red, Blue and Green. I bring this up because I've been asked and seen people ask it on Twitter.
But when the Legendary Ranger Key Pack (Zeo) was released with the second wave, we got the surprise that there was no Green key but Yellow. We were of course pleasantly surprised because of the lack of female keys. Well to be honest we first discovered the Yellow Key thanks to Bandai UK at a German Toy Fair.  
In the checklist available with Wave 3 of key packs, Green is in the checklist. And up to recently, Green was in and now replaced by Yellow.
Now on the back of Fall items like Q-Rex Megazord and Might Armored Silver Ranger has Yellow instead of Green. Some people thought we would get Green Zeo in Zeo Pack in Wave 4 but it has come out and it had no Green, just Yellow. Also, the Lauren key appears on back and in checklist and promos for Super Mega Cannon but she hasn't come out, only Jayden (Red Samurai) keys.

Now for sure the Green Zeo Key comes with Zeo Pack B, coming out January 2015 at Toys R Us exclusive in what I am calling Wave 6.
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Unknown said...

just went to a target in Downey California and wave 4 is out and they had zeo pack and it had yellow instead of green

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks Matt, let's see what other fans see or say.