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Super Sentai Color Personalities

What is a 'Color Personality'? It is a fan term for the common factor of personalities attached to one color a Ranger has. For example in Power Rangers, the original Blue Ranger is a serious team member and represented "the smart one", subsequent Blue Rangers have been pushed to the position of "comic relief". So I decided to review the recent years of Super Sentai of what common personality has been used. I decided to only cover the past ten years or so, but what I say goes for all years.

Basic Personalities used frequently
Reckless or Childish Leader - Geki Red, Magi Red, Deka Red, Abared, Mega Red, Red Racer, etc.
Stalwart Leader - Bouken Red, Go Red, Oh Red, Ryuuranger, Tyranoranger, Red Hawk, Aka Ranger, etc...
Bad Boy/Stubborn one - Shinken Green, Go-On Black, Geki Blue, Bouken Black, Magi Yellow, Deka Blue, Abare Blue, Kabuto Raijer, Gao Yellow, Gosei Black, etc.
The 'Kid' - Go-On Green, Magi Red, Gao Blue, Time Green, Go Yellow, Kiba Ranger, Tiger Ranger, etc.
Fun-loving one - Geki Chopper, Bouken Blue, Time Yellow, etc.
Girly Girl - Go-On Yellow, Bouken Yellow, Magi Pink, Deka Pink, Hurricane Blue, Gao White, Ginga Pink, Mega Pink, Pink Racer, Oh Pink, Pteraranger, Gosei Pink, etc.
Serious Girl - Shinken Pink, Bouken Pink, Deka Yellow, Time Pink, etc.
TomBoy - Geki Yellow, Abare Yellow, Yellow Racer, Gosei Yellow, etc.

Yellow (31--Goranger to Goseiger)
There was a shift since some teams the only female was yellow, so some of the Yellows took the place of Pink as the girly girl. Before 2003, Yellow was male most of the time. The male Yellows are usually the one to butt heads with Red. Shinken Yellow is the sweet girl, but she goes down on herself because of her upbringing; Go-On Yellow and Bouken Yellow were the girly girl; Geki Yellow, Abare Yellow and Yellow Racer (Carranger) were tomboys; Deka Yellow, Mega Yellow, and Oh Yellow were serious girls; Magi Yellow and Gao Yellow were serious and butted heads with Red; Time Yellow and Ninja Yellow were mostly comic relief; Hurricane Yellow, Ginga Yellow, Kirinranger (Dairanger), and Yellow Swallow (Jetman) were a basic good guys; Go Yellow and Tiger Ranger (Zyuranger) was the kid trying to prove himself. Gosei Yellow is hard to peg, she is tomboy-ish but feminine, stubborn and doesn't give up.

Green (19--Goranger to Shinkenger)
Green is mostly used as comic relief and the reliable one. Very rarely is green the 'bad boy,' as for example Shinken Green. Shinken Green butts heads with Red, Go-On Black and Bouken Black have butted head with Red too; Go-On Green and Time Green were the kids, Time Green was the smart one though; Magi Green and Deka Green were used for comic relief, but they were both serious; Shurikenger and Dragon Ranger were both sixth Green Rangers, which had been done in one episode of Maskranger with Mask X-1. Shurikenger was fun-loving while Dragon Ranger was serious and revenge-filled; Go Green, Ginga Green, Oh Green and Shishiranger (Dairanger) were responsible ones; Green Racer was purely comic relief.

Black (20--Battle Fever J to Goseiger)
Black, very similar in personalities to Green like in Power Rangers because in most teams (except for Liveman, Zyuranger, Ohranger, and Go-Onger), it is either green or black. Go-On Black was semi-serious, sometimes used for comic relief, he butted heads with Red; Bouken Black and Gosei Black are the bad boys, butted with Red; Deka Master was technically black and teal, he was the boss, serious; Abare Black was serious, but sweet and kind; Gao Black was the sweet one; Bull Black (Gingaman), Mega Black, King Ranger, Ninja Black, Mammoth Ranger (Zyuranger) and Black Condor were the serious ones--Black Condor more serious than any other; King Ranger, Bull Black and Deka Master were additional rangers; The first Black Ranger in Sentai technically was Battle Kenya as he was black but the second was Goggle Back, who looked more like a Ranger to how we consider them.

Blue (34---Goranger to Goseiger)
Blue recently has been used as the one to but heads with Red, like Geki Blue, Deka Blue, Abare Blue and Time Blue. If Blue is female, she usually takes Pink's place as the 'lone girl' except for Magi Blue and Blue Swallow since a Pink/White was present. Gosei Blue is serious, calm and sometimes prone to have fits; Shinken Blue is a fanboy, he can be serious but is used for comic relief (very complex character); Go-On Blue was the 'smart one' and the reliable one; Geki Blue was stubborn, butting heads with Geki Red and his brother Geki Violet; Bouken Blue was the flirty one, he was used for comic relief but he was serious character, a fun-loving one; Magi Blue was unique in that her personality is not used much: a shy girl but tough when she needs to be. Maybe Shinken Yellow is a bit similar to her; Deka Blue and Abare Blue were serious and stubborn, they butted heads with Red; Hurricane Blue was the 'girly' girl, since she was the only girl; Gao Blue was the kid trying to prove himself; Time Blue was the serious quiet bad boy type that had a secret; Go Blue, and Ninja Blue were serious; TriceraRanger (Zyuranger), Ginga Blue and Tenra Ranger (Dairanger) were sometimes used for comic relief; Mega Blue, Oh Blue and Blue Racer were sometimes shy but nobel.

White (11--JAKQ to Gekiranger)
After further thinking, I decided to cover white, there are few but I thought it would be to showcase the white rangers of Super Sentai. Geki Chopper had orange and black in his suit too, he was fun-loving and a bit flaky; Magi Mother was a mother like any other, sweet, caring, and strict; Deka Swan had orange and black in her suit too, but she is considered white. She was the brains and concerned for her fellow teammates; Deka Break was your standard sixth ranger, a soloist, stern at first but really sweet inside; AbareKiller (Who I forgot to put in the picture) was a psycho; Gao White is a teenage high school girl and the heart of the team; Ninja White was the responsible and caring tomboy leader; Kiba Ranger was literally a little boy; White Swallow and Change Mermaid were girly girls; and finally Big One was cool and collected and a showman. There has been more women (6) in white then men (5). And only 3 out of the 11 have 'White' in their name--and might I add they are all female. All males in white haven't had 'white' in his name.

Pink (25--Goranger to Goseiger)
In most cases in the 90's except for now of course, Pink is the lone girl and she has to represent everything girly and sweet, except for Time Pink and Bouken Pink. Shinken Pink is tough but wants to be a bride, she dresses sort of girly; Bouken Pink is super tough, everyone thought she was strict and stern, due to the fact that she never showed emotion, didn't know how; Magi Pink, Deka Pink, Ginga Pink, Pink Racer (Carranger), Oh Pink, and Pteraranger (Zyuranger) were girly girls; Time Pink is tough as nails, super serious, not letting emotion out; Go Pink and Houhouranger (Dairanger) were the lone girls, but a bit tomboy-ish; Mega Pink was a typical high school student, girly and bubbly. Gosei Pink is bubbly, responsible, and understanding but prone to girliness.

Red (34--Goranger to Goseiger)
Left for last because from 2004 to 2007, there was a complaint that Red leaders were childish, well, except for Bouken Red. Shinken Red seems to be a return to the valiant Red Rangers of the 70's-90's, but some twists. He doesn't show his true emotion to his own team... yet; Go-On Red is unique in that he may seem like DekaRed or GekiRed on the outside but he is a go-to leader, a bit goofy but reliable; Geki Red is super goofy 'wild boy' childish, he was only serious for the big arcs; Bouken Red is the reliable, responsible and serious Red from the 70's to the 90's; Magi Red is a teenager, childish but had lots of courage and butted heads with Yellow; Deka Red butted heads with Blue, he is the most disliked personality wise by fans. Reckless, childish and nuts; Abared and Gao Red were a do-gooder, they saw the best in everyone; Hurricane Red was run-of-the-mill; Time Red was optimistic and was the team's support and rallier, he saw a greater tomorrow, pun intended. Ginga Red, Mega Red and Red Racer were a bit childish or naive but came through in a pinch; Go Red, Oh Red, Ninja Red, Ryuuranger, and Red Hawk were responsible leaders. Gosei Red has a new personality, he has a rare combination of the kid and mediator, he seems aloof but he isn't dumb.

I am not covering gold, silver, and other assorted colors because they are so few.
Silver: 5
Crimson: 1
Orange: 1
Gold: 3
Navy: 1
Violet: 1


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