Sunday, April 5, 2009

Additional Auxiliary Mecha

Gaoranger/ Wild Force
17 original Power Animals (even though GaoBear and GaoPolar are the same); 6 re-colored Power Animals (Gao Kong and the Gao God Power Animals)
Highest Mecha combination: (6) The robot with the most mecha was GaoKnight and GaoKing Sword and Shield Mode, which had six.

Hurricanger / Ninja Storm
17 Karakuri Balls/Power Spheres, 14 actual animals or weapons
Highest Mecha Combination: (8 to 17 or 22) The highest mecha combination would be when TenraiSenpuujin would climb on top of Revolver Mammoth and shoot out Karakuri Balls.

Abaranger / Dino Thunder
13 Bakuryuu / 13 Bio Zords (even though 2 were not seen loose but together as the Copyzord)
Highest Mecha Combinations: (7) The highest amount of mecha combination would be OoabarenOh, that had Tyranno, Triceratops, Ptera, Top Galer, Stegosraidon, RhanphoGolds and SpinoGold (helmet and weapon).

Boukenger / Operation Overdrive
18 GouGou Vehicles / 18 Zords
Highest Mecha Combinations: (10) The highest mecha combination was Ultimate DaiBouken, that had 10 mecha at one time.

Gekiranger / Jungle Fury
11 Geki Beasts and 2 Rin Beasts / 13 Zords
Highest Mecha Combinations: (7) The highest mecha combination was SaiDaiGekiRinTouja, that had 7: GekiTiger, GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, RinLion, RinChameleon, SaiDain, and GekiWolf.

Go-Onger/ RPM
15 Engines / 12 Zords (Don't know if the three from the movie will appear)
Highest Mecha Combination: (12) The highest combination was Engine-Oh G12, which has Speedor, BearRV, Bus-On, Triptor, Jetoras, Birca, Gunpherd, Carrigator, Jum-bowhale, Kishamoth, T-Line, and K-Line.

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BiPu said...

Another great post from you :).

Anyway, could you add information like this :

How many combination (it's not 1 gattai combination - more like variation) appeared in the series.

For example (go-onger)
There are engine oh, engine oh gunpherd, engine oh birca, etc.

And for gaoranger, I thought more than 17+6 ?
5 from gaoking, 5 from icarus, 3 from gaohunter (although gaoligator change color later - there are 2 toys), 3 from gaomuscle (armadillo and rhino counted from icarus), 1 gao elephant, and 1 soul bird (or this is not counted?), 1 gao kong, and 5 from gaogod. There is 1 more toy - gaopanda.

Abaranger -- shouldn't it counted as 15?
3 abarenoh, 2 killeroh, 3 maxohja, 4 aux dino, 1 brachio, and 2 bakureno

Oh yeah, it might be interesting to review the recolor version of mecha in the series (not toy recolor). What I mean for example
*gaoking vs gaogod
*abarenoh vs bakureno
*engine oh vs engine daishogun

Sorry for the long comment :D

Lavender Ranger said...

I'll think about it, but man, that is alot. It's on my website if that is an incentive.