Monday, April 6, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Vented Score Card

Major Spoilers if you haven't seen the latest episode

For those keeping track at home, episode 15 of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will air Saturday (or Sunday, depending on your local station) and out of 8 Riders, 4 have been vented. I don't know how spoilery I am getting now if you haven't seen episode 14.

So far, Richy/Incisor was vented by Wing Knight in Episode 4, Grant/Camo was vented by Torque in Episode 9, both Brad/Thrust and Drew/Torque were vented by James/Strike on Episode 14. And if you want more statistics, Incisor appeared at the end of Episode 2 and lasted 3 episodes. Camo appeared in Episode 8 and only lasted 2 episodes. Thrust appeared at the end of Episode 8 and lasted 7 episodes. In Kamen Rider Ryuki (the source), Strike/Ohja didn't kill the original Torque/Zolda, Zolda lasted much longer. The original Zolda died of his illness and his replacement died at hands of Ohja, so in a way Ohja did kill Zolda but much later. So what we saw between Strike and Torque was new footage. Incisor and Camo we could love to hate, they aren't missed. Keith Stone (Thrust) seemed to go to Matt Mullins School of Acting, his character Brad seemed like a dumb jock, so I'm not gonna miss him either. As for Torque, many liked him but he got what was coming to him and I didn't see him lasting the whole series anyway. Who's next? I dunno, but I think I am gonna feel more sorry for the next one.


Anonymous said...

so far i think the next rider to be vented will probably be strike and he might get vented by onyx or siren but i hope it is onyx

HeatEdgeSword said...

What about sting?

tyler said...

i thing onyx