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Power Rangers/Super Sentai Character Conversion: Mystic Force / Magiranger


Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006) / Mahou (Magic) Sentai Magiranger (2005)

The underworld was sealed long ago but now they are unleashed and are trying to take over the world. Five young magicians are chosen to save the world. Major difference is that the Magiranger were siblings and the White Mage was their mother and the evil Wolzard was their father. In PR, their counterparts were the parents of the Red Ranger.

Nick / Kai (MagiRed)
Nick was adopted and sought his true parents, he initially didn't believe in magic and was skeptical. He is brave, quick, smart and kind. Kai was the youngest of his siblings and the leader, initially his mother didn't think he had the heart to be a hero but he proved himself worthy. They were very different in that Kai was younger and more naive and frivolous with magic and acted before thinking.

Chip / Tsubasa (MagiYellow)
Chip is just a fanboy, likes role playing in magic and knights, he was also brave and eager. Tsubasa was critical of his brother Kai, he is brave, unyielding, clever, sensitive, and caring. He always saw beyond what the eye could see. He wasn't afraid of showing his gentle side. He was also an aspiring boxer, he appeared in Boukenger as a boxer. Tsubasa was much more serious than Chip, he dabbled in dark magic when warned not to--to help a dear friend whose soul was stolen. He did pay for it. Chip was trained to be a knight. He was also a blabber mouth, Tsubasa would never do so.

Madison / Urara (MagiBlue)
Urara and Madison were both sweet and gentle souls, bit of worry worts. Urara was much more inclined to bop her brothers in the heads when they were acting dumb. Madison was criticized for not taking chances, while Urara was understood for being withdrawn. Also, Urara got married to Hikaru.

Vida / Haruka (MagiPink)
Haruka is cheery and a bit of a ditz, also flirty and stylish. She loved going out at clubs and concerts, so did Vida who was a DJ. Vida is much more head-strong and didn't like the feminine color of pink. She would wear a different colored streak that differed from blue, yellow, red, gold, white, green, and pink. In the end, she dyed her entire hair to pink.

Xander / Makito (MagiGreen)
Xander is a smooth-talking guy who thinks he can solve a problem by 'talking' about it and knows he is handsome. He can be a bit stuck up and prone to get jealous or overreact, of course has a good heart. Makito is the big brother, he is protective of all his siblings, he also has the hidden talent of speaking a bit of English. He also uses super strong attacks.

Udonna (White Mystic Ranger) / Miyuki (MagiMother)
Both women transformed before the main team and was the first warrior seen in both series. Both lost their powers early on and got them back later on. Major difference is that Miyuki was killed in the second episode and not seen until she was revived later in series. Udonna simply lost her powers but remained in the entire series. They are the first female 'sixth' ranger. Miyuki was a sweet and somewhat strict mother. Udonna was a bit of a granola earth mother, but also strong and resilient. Both powerful sorceresses. They were similar, I guess difference was acting and cultural tweaks.

Daggeron (Solaris Knight) / Hikaru (MagiShine)
Both had three forms: human, ranger, and 'ancient mystic'/sky saint form. Both were teachers of the main five and did tough love on their students. Both fought against traitor, turned into a frog and kissed back to normal by the blue warrior and were temporarily killed. Hikaru was a bit harsher since the series was darker. Hikaru was young and attractive and got married to Urara. Magiranger was the first series to have two married couples by the end of the series.

Leanbow/Koragg (Knight Wolf/Wolf Warrior) / Issamu (Wolzard/Wolzard Fire)
Both were brave good warriors turned evil by the main villain and fought against the heroes, turned back to good, revealed the were daddy and their warrior form changed from purple to red. Difference was basically culturally and acting. Issamu is the father of the main five and Leanbow is father to only Nick. They are both the husband to the white mage.

Clare (Shining Moon Warrior/Gatekeeper) / Lunajel "Rin"
Lunajel is the Moon Shadow Elemental SkySaint who forgot who she was and went by the name of Rin. She didn't want the Magiranger to get in her way, she is the gatekeeper of the gate holding the underworld at bay. She was tortured by Wolzard and saved by the Magiranger. She then became a powerful ally. She interrupted Hikaru and Urara's wedding to warn Magitopia being attacked. Lunajel was the one to warn Magijel (Mystic Mother) Clare is Udonna's bumbling apprentice and niece, also Nick's cousin. Clare meant well, very different from the capable Lunajel. Clare's mother was the gatekeeper and she temporarily took her place for two eps and took on a Ancient Mystic form. By the end of the series, Clare was a full-fledge sorceress.

Snowjiel / Snow Prince
Snowjiel had both forms shown above, she was female, while Snow Prince was male. Snowjiel had an infant form but she spoke like a mature woman. She was not sure about the Magiranger, she was stern but fair. She gave them their Legend powers. She fired Sunjel as their mentor but ultimately came around. She believe he had to take a lesson from Kai. Snow Prince on the other hand, came out of nowhere to judge Daggeron and took him down as mentor and told him to take a lesson from Nick. He came around but he was pompous, out of line and humorless. He was the one who went to the Mystic Mother when the Master started attacking the Mystical Realm.

Mystic Mother / Magiel
She was played by Machiko Soga, who played Bandora in Zyuranger and that footage was used as Rita Replusa in MMPR. this was one of the few good roles she played. She died at age 68 of cancer. Magijel was stern magical witch of all the magical creatures, she tricked evil and won at the end. She was initially harsh to Kai. She provided them with Unigolon (Brightstar). To honor Machiko, Disney connected these two characters together, because Magijel had NOTHING to do with Bandora. Since Rita was already turned good in Power Rangers In Space, they said she became the Mystic Mother. She has a brief appearance but was more or less treated as a sweet good motherly-figure.

Jenji / Smoky
Both were mischievous cat genies. Only differences was Smoky was much more crass (he once filled the Magiranger's entire headquarters with his yellow toxic fart) and was a real bad boy--he was the one that put in Tsubasa's head to dab into dark magic. Smoky also sang... he did a Aladdin-like song. Jenji spoke with a regular man voice and was extremely watered down.

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