Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pink Rangers are Back

Maybe it might seem that I am obsessed with the Pink Ranger, as I do a lot of posts on Pink, but it might also be that the Pink Ranger is an anomaly in the Power Rangers and Super Sentai franchise, as a female hero in a boys franchise. Pink Ranger is unofficially a representative in some ways, lack of a better term for the other heronies, as pink is the closest to red and Pink is more commonly known as a girl's color (as I have mentioned before) almost in all the countries Power Rangers and Sentai are broadcasted in. Here I will discuss how Pink is used sometimes and sometimes not always in the other teams.

Time Pink (Timeranger, 2000) / Pink Ranger (Time Force, 2001)
Pink was commonly used in the 90's decade but by the 2000 decades, sparsely used. After Timeranger, there was no Pink Ranger for three teams, with White in Gaoranger, Blue in Hurricanger and Yellow in Abaranger. She is the last Pink Ranger (so far) that was the solo girl.

Deka Pink (SPD, 2004) / Pink Ranger (SPD, 2005)
Back in Dekaranger, after three years of no Pink Ranger, we had the Pink Ranger back, of course along with a Yellow Ranger.

Magi Pink (Magiranger, 2005) / Mystic Pink Ranger (Mystic Force, 2006)
Second Pink Ranger of the 2000 decade.

Bouken Pink (2006) / Pink OO Ranger (2007)
Third Pink Ranger and then after that, another break, with 2 Yellow Rangers and no Pink Rangers.

Shinken Pink (Shinkenger, 2009) / Pink Ranger (Samurai, 2011)
Getting Pink Ranger once again, after 2 years. It is interesting how the teams that had no Pink Rangers were teams that started with 3 Rangers, and the females were Yellow or Blue. The only one that doesn't go with this is Gaoranger.

Gosei Pink (Goseiger, 2010)
Second Pink Ranger since the last break.

Go-Kai Pink (Go-Kaiger 2011)
The whole reason I started this post was because it seems Pink is back once again, as she is the third one.

Some fans may want Pink in every team, but I like when she is in sometimes. I do like when she is used but I like when they switch it up. I did a poll long ago if Fans wanted Pink to be gone, and most fans said she had to stay. Let's see if we get another Pink Ranger in 2012 or there will be another break. It is interesting how there is 3 Pink Rangers in a row and then another break. Interesting how the Gaoranger to Abaranger break is 3 years and the Gekiranger and Go-Onger break was just 2 years. I also got to mention that pink is rarely used in other Tokusatsu (like Metal Heroes, Kamen Rider, Gransezar, etc.) except for Thailand's Sport Ranger.

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Anonymous said... more about Pink Rangers.,,,they are the most interesting characters!

Luca said...

I like pink because it's so neon and so many guys find it annoying.

As for TimePink being the last pink ranger to be the only girl on a team, I vengefully blame Saban.

henshin0 said...

Deka-spd pink and yellow rangers are also the only female ranges that are not only female in both versions, but also have their costumes fully identical to male (no skirts and no other differences from waist to knee )

Anonymous said...

There's no pink in teams that start off with three because those ones begin with primary colors only: red, blue and yellow.

Lavender Ranger said...

Like my students tell me Anonymous, "Duh."