Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hyper Hobby February issue: Super Sentai Special Show


Hyper Hobby is a Japanese magazine about toys, action figures and hobby stuff of Tokusatsu. Here are scans of the magazine, with some pages within it about the 34 years of Super Sentai. Scans are thanks to !!!

This first page covers the Red Rangers. Year 18: Kakuranger, Red Ninja with a inset picture of five Kakuranger; Year 30: Bouken Red with Zuuban sword mode and five Boukenger in inset; Two pictures of Aka Ranger from Year 1: Goranger (inset picture blocked by watermark); Year 3: Battle Fever J, Battle Japan and inset picture of 5 person team; Year 12: Liveman, Red Falcon with inset of 3 Liveman (there was 5); and Year 23: GoGoV, Go Red and inset picture of the five.

Year 25: Gaored and inset of 5 Gaoranger; Year 21: MegaRed vs. Yugande and inset of 5 Megaranger; Year 9: Change Dragon and inset of Changeman; Year 33: Shinken Red and inset of Shinkenger; Year 14: Five Red and inset of Fiveman; Year 24: Time Red and inset of Timeranger; and Year 34: Gosei Red and inset of Goseiger.

This page deals with the girls. Top Left: Mei of Zyuranger; Year 8: Mika and Hikaru of Bioman with inset pic of Bioman; Year 28: Dekaranger, Jasmine (Yellow), Ban (Red), and Umeko (Pink) and inset of 5; Year 29: Magiranger, pictures of Houka (Pink) and Urara (Blue) and inset of 5; Year 19: Ohranger, Momo (Pink) in swimsuit with ball and inset of 5; Year 32: G3 Princess (Villain Kegaleshia, Saki (Yellow), and Miu (Silver) and inset of 5 Go-Onger; Year 6: Dynaman, Dyna Pink and Denjiman inset. Picture next to her is Nanami (Hurricane Blue) and Villain Furabijou of Hurricanger and Denji Princess below them. I forget who the girl in the school uniform is.

Note: The picture of Nanami and Furabijou is from one episode, probably the only pictures in all these pages that is an occurrence that happened only in one episode. They probably that put here because it was sort of a precursor to villainesses joining with a heroine to make a musical group, just like G3 Princess of Go-Onger.

This page deals with sixth or additional rangers. Year #20: Signalman and Carranger in inset; Year #16: Dragon Ranger and Zyuranger Inset; Year #17: Kibaranger and Dairanger inset; Year #27: Abare Killer and 3 Abaranger inset. Shurikenger of Hurricanger is left to him. Year #2: JAKQ, Big One and four JAKQ inset; Ninjaman of Kakuranger is left to Big One. Miu in inset left from Go-On Silver and Go-On Gold of Go-Onger.

Note: Abare Killer and Big One were fifth members. Ninjaman and Signalman are 'extra heroes' and everyone else are sixth rangers, except for Miu/Go-On Silver, who was technically seventh. I like that they highlighted a photo of her as well.

This page deals with allies. Above Right is Battle Fever J and above left is Commander Ibuki of Changeman. Year #15: the commander lady from Jetman; Year #22: the tree and acorn of Gingaman, Year #11: the floaty mentor and his team Maskman, Master Shafu of Gekiranger, DekaMaster/Doggie Kruger of Dekaranger, and the dog is Denji Dog of Denjiman. Year #26: Oboro and her hamster father of Hurricanger.

This page deals with villains. Year #31: Mele and Rio and inset of 3 Gekiranger; to the right is Zonette and Gyamo of Carranger; Year #4: Denjiman inset and Queen Hedrian; Year #5: Queen Heridan and inset of Sun Vulcan; Year #13: Kirika and Yanimaru with Turboranger inset; Year #10: Flashman villains and inset of Flashman. Below are Bio Hunter Silver of Bioman, Buuba from Changeman (thanks FantasyLeader!) and Year #7: Dark Knight of Dynaman (in the inset, blocked by watermark).

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Fantasy Leader said...

This is all really awesome! Thanks Lavender Ranger! =)

Oh and by the way, that villain you don't recall is Buuba from Changeman. ;)

Anonymous said...

just a random thought i winder in sentai/power rangers would start too be over kill if every toy made was in the show. ie if the special edition mecha were actually in the show or if my god all of toys in america the battlizer the vechiles the repaints the rangers who morph into stuff oh and anything else im missing i wonder if that would be too much

James Spiring said...

Girls page: DekaRed is Ban, not Jan. MagiBlue is Urara, not Umeko. Villains page: Hedrian, not Heridan. "Bio Hunter Silver of Silver" - I think you mean "of Bioman".

Lavender Ranger said...

Yes thanks James Spiring, I'm getting old.