Monday, February 25, 2013

Kyouryuger Suit Actors

I love suit actors and I haven't checked out who the stunt actors are until now. It seems that Hirofumi Fukuzawa who played Red warriors for a whole decade (from Gaoranger to Gokaiger) has retired. He wasn't in Go-Busters so I thought he was on a break or something. I am glad Mizuho Nogawa is back as a female warrior. Yuuichi Hachisuka who played Yellow Buster, Gokai Yellow and Gosei Pink must be on a break as a ranger (hopefully), he is back to villain.

Yoshifumi Oshikawa has mostly played Kamen Riders but also Go-On Blue, Shinken Blue, Gosei Black, Gokai Blue and Red Buster.  Like Yasuhiro Takeuchi before him who played Gosei Red, he got to play a Red Ranger as Red Buster. Now he plays Kyoryu Red.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi has played a lot of different characters (different colors), he also did a little bit of the Dragonranger. He played Dragon Ranger, Ginga Green, Go Green, Go-On Green, Shinken Green, Gokai GreenOh Blue, Blue Racer, Time Blue, Gao Yellow, Hurricane Yellow, Bouken Blue, Geki Blue, and Gosei Red. He will now play Kyoryu Black.

Mizuho Nogawa has played MagiBlue, MagiMermaid, Go-On Silver, Gosei Yellow an and Gokai Pink. She played Escape Evolve in Go-Busters. Now she plays Kyoryu Pink.

Masashi Takada plays Kyoryu Blue. I am not aware of anything else he has done. 

Kosuke Asai plays Kyoryu Green. He played Cheeda Nick and Go-Buster Ace in Go-Busters. He also played Basco's true form in Gokaiger. 

Torin: Jiro Okamoto
He played Gorisaki Banana, MagiShine, Shinken Gold, Gosei Knight, Barizorg, various big villains and various Kamen Riders (Ohja, Ryuga, Odin, Leangle, Den-O Ax Form, Black, Black RX, Shin, ZO and J. 

Chaos: Hideaki Kusaka
He has portrayed too many to mention--but to name a few, he has played Doukoku (Shinkenger), Tottobatto (Zyuranger), and Gunther (Fiveman) for the bad guys and Kabuto Raijer, Abare Black, Deka Master and more for the good guys.

 Dogold: Riichi Seike
He played Geki Violet, Go-On Black, Zuuban, Juuzo (Shinkenger) and Buredoran (Goseiger).

Canderilla: Yuichi Hachisuka
He has played Five Yellow, Mega Yellow and Bouken Yellow, Go Yellow and Ginga Yellow,Change Phoenix, Pink Flash, Pink Mask, Blue Dolphin, Pink Turbo, White Swan, Time Green, Gao White, and Gosei Pink

Luckyuro: Naoko Kamino
Yes, she is a female. She played Mega Pink, Gao White, Bouken Pink (sub), Deka Pink (sub), Gosei Pink (sub), RoboTough, Datas and Master Shafu. 


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