Friday, October 2, 2009

Power Rangers Licensing Show Promo Sheets/Press Release

Here is a list of the press releases/promo sheets for Power Rangers through the years. It was hard for me to find them all, I am sure it was hard for everyone else to find it. There was press releases for Turbo, Space, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, and Mystic Force. I am not sure if there was one for Lost Galaxy or Lightspeed Rescue, I don't remember seeing any. I know there was no press kit sheets like these for Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM.

This is a backstory sheet for Alien Rangers and Zeo, it was for 1995/1996. It details the vents of season 3 of MMPR and the beginning of Zeo. It puts which teen corresponded to which zord. This was a early one, having Tanya as 'Kenya.'

Power Rangers Zeo (1997)
This was not technically a press release but it was a commercial promotion, teasing for a Power Rangers Zeo movie. Because it says Coming to movie theaters Spring of 1997, but I think they meant the Turbo Movie. Because it just says 'Power Rangers' are coming to theaters.

Power Rangers Turbo (1997)
Here is the first press release as we know them. It has the live-action Rangers on the front and on the back, boasting the success of the franchise. Also, the story of Zeo and the movie. It explains the releases (show episodes weekly, theatrical release, marketing budget, movie soundtrack launch, on-air promo support, D.A.R.E. campaign, home video launch, and domestic licenses). Also present is the second Saban logo and all five Rangers (Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green).

Power Rangers in Space (1998)
Saying it is the #1 toy line for 3 consecutive years (are they skipping 1997?), it details the plot and says when episodes will air and promotional stuff. The front is just the logo and back is mix of illustrations (Astro Megaship) and live-action (Red Ranger and Astro Megazord). I am not sure if there were a Lost Galaxy or Lightspeed Rescue press kits.

Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)
I know there was a Time Force Press Release, just can't find it! Time Force release was the first to have illustrations completely with no live-action picture. The Time Force one had the Pink Ranger and male Rangers on it. Wild Force continued this, it only had the plot. My favorite part of this design is the jellyfish. The girls were missing from this one, only Red, Blue and Black Rangers present.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)
Instead of the usual Press Release, for the first year to be completely under Disney, they use their Disney stationary. With no illustration or photo, it has an early description, with the Thunder Rangers as 'Red and Blue Shadow Ranger.' It reports telecasts on Fox Kids and ABC Family, this is probably talking about the first half of Wild Force that aired on Fox Kids.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
The front had the four Rangers (sans White Ranger) in illustrations with schedule of when things to be released, toys and McDonalds toys in December retail in January and the series in February. The plot is detailed in the back. It is rumored because Tommy was mentioned in this summary, it drove Jason David Frank to do it but the timing isn't right. No company or channel logo present here.

Power Rangers SPD (2005)
This one sure did have Jetix, ABC Family, Toon Disney, and ABC Kids logos. One side had the plot and the other has facts, quotes and calendar. Only the boys were present here, Red, Blue and Green.

Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)
With logos of Jetix, ABC Family, Toon Disney, and ABC Kids logos on one side and illustration (only the Red Ranger) on the other side. A small plot is the back with Highlights, brand equity, positioning, and so on. It is the only one to mention the Disney-MGM Studio's Cars Parade. There was no press release like these for Operation Overdrive or seasons after that.

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