Monday, September 28, 2009

Poll on Tenaya and Dillon and other polls

Set a week and a half before "Key to the Past" aired last Saturday, fans obviously felt Tenaya was indeed Dillon's sister, many more votes were added after the episode aired and the poll closed early this morning. 69 votes out of 84, 82%, people obviously believed it. 10 out of 84 said maybe. ONLY ONE PERSON SAID NO. And 4 believed she was a clone robot perhaps. I admit I thought that for a while but then we found out she was a hybrid like Dillon.

For a month or so, I had this poll---Favorite Red Ranger in General?
78 votes out of 305, out of 21 choices.

Tommy came in second, with 62 votes.

Scott of RPM
22 votes

Andros (Space)
20 votes

Wes (Time Force)
20 votes

Casey (Jungle Fury)
15 votes

Rocky (MMPR)
12 votes

Nick (Mystic Force)
11 votes

Mac (Operation Overdrive)
8 votes

Jack (SPD)
8 votes

Cole (Wild Force)
8 votes

Connor (Dino Thunder)
7 votes.

Bridge (SPD)
6 votes, he was upgraded to Red in Operation Overdrive

Shane (Ninja Storm)
6 votes
Leo (Lost Galaxy)
5 votes

Aurico (Aquitar)
4 votes

TJ (Turbo)
4 votes

Carter (Lightspeed)
3 votes

Eric (Time Force)
3 votes

Sky (SPD)
2 votes

Charlie (SPD), the only female Red Ranger, got 1 vote.

Interesting to compare it to
Favorite Power Ranger Leader...

Tommy won with a whopping 105 votes out of 282, only 23 votes less than those who voted for their favorite Red Ranger.

Jason came in second, at almost half the votes for Tommy, at 55.

Scott (RPM) got 17 votes. Scott got 22 for best Red Ranger.

TJ (Turbo) got 14.

Jen (Time Force) got 13 votes.

Casey (Jungle Fury) got 10.

Connor (Dino Thunder) got 9.

Andros (Space) got 9. Andros got 20 for best Red Ranger.

Mac (PROO) got 8 votes

Leo (Lost Galaxy) got 8

Nick (Mystic Force) got 6. Nick got 11 votes as favorite Red Ranger.

Doggie (SPD) got 5.

Delphine (Aquitar) got 5.

Cole (Wild Force) got 5 votes, as red he got 8.

Charlie (SPD) got 4 votes, while as a Red Ranger, only got 1 vote.

Shane (Ninja Storm) got 3 votes, as red he got 6.

Carter (Lightspeed) got 2 votes, as Red he got 3.

Jack (SPD) got 2 votes, as Red he got 8.

Sky (SPD) got 2 votes

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Mark said...

I wish Carter got more votes. Lightspeed was MY season. It was the only season I watched in full as a kid. I'll admit, though, that Carter wasn't that important. He was overshadowed by Joel, Ryan, and Kelsey...and Miss Faaaaaairweather.