Friday, October 2, 2009

Power Rangers suits vs. Super Sentai suits

Many fans notice this, while others haven't. Through the years, it has been obvious to me that the suits are different from the original Japanese Super Sentai footage and the American/New Zealand Power Rangers footage. The suits have stayed the same throughout the location changes from America to New Zealand. The Japanese suits being tigther, shinier and the Power Ranger suits being clunkier, chubbier, and 'fluffier' looking. Sometimes this is not noticeable. I finally got my confirmation in the Operation Overdrive behind-the-scenes special hosted by James Maclurcan. The costume designer revealed that the Ranger suits are two-ply spandex. Also, in the MMPR days, costumes were one size fit all, for taller stuntmen, when most Japanese stunt actors went to one height, the American stunt people have been taller or 'meatier.'

Here is the first time I noticed it, in the third episode "Teamwork" with the Red Ranger, were his helmet was a different shade than his suit.

Here is Yellow and Pink, Yellow with breasts and Pink looks chubbier (because maybe it is a stunt man), in the same episode.

Fluffy Cotton shield vs. firm foam shield
The infamous Green Ranger shield. The most noticeable difference. Saban made their own version of suits. While, later by Zeo or Turbo, they imported the suits and they were made by the same material. But by the first season, they made the suits of other materials. Tommy's shield would go from this loose cotton shield to...

The original tighter foam shield. The foam shield was technically never seen in the footage shot in the Untied States.

In the episode "Fighting Spirit" of Dino Thunder (2004), a foam shield like the original was shipped from Japan to New Zealand as it was faster and easier to ship props from Japan to New Zealand. The only difference that time was the silver mark on the helmet that pleased fans, making them go wild (well, except for Linkara).

The difference between the suits, one being the original Japanese one, and the other being the 'one size fits all' looser form.

It didn't stop after MMPR, above is an example from Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

And this is also from Mahou Sentai Magiranger, doesn't it also look like Mystic Force-only Power Ranger suit? Well, this was the footage shot in New Zealand. They used their own version of the suits, shot them for the Sentai show. When footage for Gekiranger was shot in New Zealand, the suits also looked different. I know this is a bit confusing for some people to grasp (they don't believe it).

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