Monday, May 2, 2011

Weddings or Marriage Discussion in Sentai

In order of the wedding of Kate and William, I was gonna do this post but I ended up busy. But here it is, wedding themed episodes or episodes featuring a wedding dress or some sort of wedding discussion. I might have forgotten some of these, please add them at the comments.

Red and White got married at the end of the series.

In a Gaoranger episode, wedding dress monster attacked brides and Gao Black dressed as a bride.

Nanami and Yosuke help a man get an engagement ring to his lady love in Episode 13.

In 15, Green thought that his sister wanted to get married, she had the dress and everything, but ultimately it was a modeling shoot with her 'boyfriend.'

Ultimately Urara and Hikaru married at the end of Magiranger. Kai's lady love was hypnotized to marry a monster named Glum in the movie.

In Epsiode 37, Ran's mom arrived to show Ran potential husbands but no actual marriage or wedding was done.

In Episode 6, Sosuke mistakenly thought Saki was thinking of marriage.

Even though Mako always thought of being a bride, Episode 8 was mainly about brides. Mako and Ryunousuke dressed as Brides.


Anonymous said...

you forgot Abaranger, with the first sentai hero married before the beginning of the series; not counting the wedding episode, with the flashbacks

Edward said...

There has been many reports stating that the actors who played Red Hawk and White Swan in Jetman actually did get married in real life.

Ryan said...

There was a Dynaman episode where the villains were kidnapping brides. It was the one used in the "The Seven Loves of Lucky Pierre" parody episode.

rescuesoldier24 said...


That's just a false rumor. From what I know, White Swan's actress lives in China while Red Hawk's actor still lives in Japan.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Kaiser Buldont and Multiwa wedding in Ohranger.