Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where is the Power Rangers Samurai merchandise???!

Ratings indicate that Power Rangers is the top rated show on Nickeoldeon and beat out Supah Ninjas, which is on prime time. And by now, there should be some merchandise now. Disney usually put merchandise out there before the Sixth Ranger came out. RPM had almost zero merchandise out there save for some birthday treats and t-shirts. Elie Dekel of Saban Brands had said they were talking to the merchandises people and with Disney, Power Rangers had inherited many vendors, but right now all I can find is birthday cakes. I know kids have been wanting stuff and I seen a more frequent use of the Super Legends bookbags (backpack) which seems to be the only bags out there. So, come on pick up the pace guys!

Also, where are the reruns of past episodes on Nicktoons? At Comic Con 2010, the DVD case said in October 2010 we would get new episodes or would we will be seeing that October of 2011? I can understand if there has been difficulties but it has already been over seven months and Comic-Con 2011 is coming soon. And the first episodes of Samurai? We already have the Sixth Ranger and there is a big broo-ha-ha but where's the first two episodes which we constantly see in promos?

At least we have the costumes. Most costumes pictures come out online during this time anyway.



Douglas said...

i've held on to the beleif that the Origins will be saved for later(like when the Female Red Samurai ranger comes) or shown as a flashback where its the current month and when they get pinned down Jayden will remember the day they all met and got their powers.

Evan G said...

I was just talking about this tonight with a friend of mine!

I was telling him that all I can find of the 4'' figures is Red, Blue, and Green but its impossible to find Pink in stores. I lucked out and got the last Yellow walmart had...

I'm also curious as to way Ive only seen the phones and spin swords for sale only sold online.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd like to know where the DVDs are for ANY Power Rangers series! The Disney releases are no longer available (due in part to Saban buying the franchise back) and the PR movies ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:The Movie" and "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie") are the only PR DVDs out there. I think it's about time we get the complete seasons on DVD, like, sometime this year. Come on, Saban! Get with it already! We're not getting any younger here!

EZ8 said...

I really want a Barracuda Blade now lol That's an AWESOME name for a weapon!