Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Day of OOO contest

Well, only 22 hrs left till the contest closes, and frankly, I'm dissapointed wth the turnout. So, I'm giving the contest an extended 3 hours. You have untill Sun 3:00 am E/12:00 pm P. this is LITERALLY the final stretch, so for those of you who have started already, start wrapping up, and submit your combos A.S.A.P. Don't lose the small remaining window.

Good Luck!!!!!


Luca said...

I did draw a rodent combo (porcupine, rat, hare) at school, but I have no way of getting it on my computer. It would be brown (even though I despise the color, all the other colors and good animal groups are pretty much taken), the porcupine's ability would be to shoot needles from his forehead, rat would have poison claws, and hare would be like grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

I made a mythical combo(Cerberus, dragon, and chimera).(Kerudomera)
It would be a black combo.
The Cerberus would give ooo two continuously striking wolf heads, the dragon would give ooo flight, and the chimera gives ooo super speed and venomous claws.