Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Stuff in Power Rangers

How could I forget Rita and Zedd's wedding?

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
Divatox's big evil plot was to marry Maligore.

Lost Galaxy
Kai had a crush on a girl that he thought she had a groom but she was just a bridesmaid.

Joel and Angela were married and said to be returning from their honeymoon in PRTF.

Time Force
Alex and Jen were engaged and Jen saw a wedding in one ep but they never did marry, she broke up the engagement.

Wild Force
Wedding Dress Org turned brides and women into mannequins in "Three's A Crowd."

Summer almost got married in "Ranger Yellow Part 2."

Jayden and Mia pretend to get married to stop a plot by Dayu. Emily also dressed as a bride.


Anonymous said...

A wedding factored into the plot of PRLG's "Blue Crush". Jen watched a wedding in progress at the start of PRTF's "Undercover Rangers". Joel & Ms Fairweather were about to head off on their honeymoon in PRTF's "Time for Lightspeed", having just got married. The Turbo Movie was all about Divatox's wedding day. And what about season 2's "The Wedding" trilogy?

The_Doctor said...

And of course who could forget the marriage of Rita and Zedd that got its own 3-parter

BlueDolphin said...

u mean Summer in RPM dont you?

henshin0 said...

Funny thing about alex and Jen. Faunt and I had this joke that Alexander the great was so successful because he was really a time cop From 3000 ade, and was so upset about Jen, that he went back in time and conquered masadonia etc. He died anyways to prevent time distortions caused by the possible changes he made

henshin0 said...

Also Ronny was forced to marry Thor (Loki in disguise), but they tricked him thanks to the butler. Also in mmpr2, zedd tried to marry Kimberly. Also, in space, ashley's grandma tried to engage her with Carlos. There should be one more, but I can't remember.