Saturday, May 7, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Room For One More - Episode Review

The gang wait for Antonio to arrive and he is late, he makes a big entrance in a suit and embarrasses himself. Jii takes his morpher, saying it is too dangerous and he is not a true samurai. As a kid, Jayden gave Antonio the Octo Zord and Antonio promised to become a Samurai. They met at a fish market that Antonio's dad owned. Jayden regrettably tells Antonio he can't do it. Antonio wants to fight Jii for the morpher but the others stop him. Antonio leaves and Mike and Emily go after him. Jayden and Mia spar a bit and have a conversation that becomes everyone surrounding Jayden and saying even though he is leader, they get the risks and he can't control what they do. They defeat the monster and save the day of course. They combine the Octo Zord with the Megazord too (OctoSpear Megazord).

Oh yeah and Spike has a daydream of saving the Pink Ranger.

There were bits that made me laugh out loud. Like when Antonio needed space to fit for the six to stand lined up. This episode is close to the original, even down to the Red-Pink spar but Mako handled it better. Mia doesn't seem that formidable in this one, Jayden seemed more pissed off than intimidated. Jayden and Antonio do seem to have a camaraderie, a bit different from Takeru and Genta, in which Takeru seemed to have no humor, where Jayden does seem to. Anyway, I liked the Mike moments, I didn't think the fact that Antonio and Mike being both latino. By the way, Steven's Spanish accent sometimes sucks (because in real life, he is half Asian and half German). When he says "Vamos a Comer," (Let's Eat)---he says it bad. I liked it, cool episode.


Anonymous said...

I know, his spanish sucks! And it's not like the writters know much spanish either...

Anonymous said...

So we now have a half Asian, half German guy, playing a Latino, in an American show, based heavily on a Japanese show, filmed in New Zealand. How multi-cultural.