Friday, April 9, 2010

Power Rangers RPM Call Sheets

Here are some call sheets I have been holding on to. Not much new information, the phone numbers and addresses have been blacked or blanked out. I don't even know them. I won't reveal how I got them.

Here is a second unit location note (left) and Hazard instructions. (right)

Here are two call sheets with departmental requirements and advance schedule. The one on the right is interesting because it calls Gem's zord as 'Chicken Zord' and Dillon's car as 'The Fury.' There is one typo that has 'Wapons' instead of weapons.

(Left) Main Unit Call Sheet for Episodes 19, 20, 21. (Right) Second Unit Call Sheet with which stunt actors played which Ranger but my source tells me not one stunt person play one Ranger, but around 7 or 10 stunt people play one Ranger. But these are the names I put on the stunt section because it is the only ones I know.

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