Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Goseiger Rumors for NEW Headders

Check out Dukemon22's TokuInsider for fan drawings of the rumored mecha. These are most likely happening. The artist of the drawings is the same artist who did drawings of Engine Oh G-9 and G-12 way back when in 2008, a.k.a. the RPM Ultrazord.

DX Tensou Gattai GoseiGrand
GoseiGrandeon (Lion, Black Armored Vehicle), GoseiSealeon (Sea Lion-motif, Blue battleship), and GoseiSkyleon (Lion-motif, Red-Fighter/Rocketship) that goes in the center. This belongs to Gosei Knight, whose motif is a lion.

DX Tensou Gattai GoseiWonder
A recolor mecha for the movie. A little bit like Bakurenoh (Copy Zord of Dino Thunder), the GoseiDragon is re-colored blue with a bird head with tentative name. The other animals include Wani Headder (Black Crocodile), Zou Headder (Yellow Elephant), Iruka Headder (Blue Dolphin), and Kabuto Headder (White/Tea-colored Beetle). I am getting tired of the black mecha, why can't they use violet, fuchsia and other colors?? I know one of the Dragon repaints is purple but come on!

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Anonymous said...

i have an idea fore landsea goseigreat would give the brothers headers mecha bodies and saw header would be the right arm and manta header would be the bode part and sai header would be the right leg