Saturday, December 18, 2010

Horses in Power Rangers

UPDATED 12/21/10 8PM EST
While there is more horses in Super Sentai, horses have appeared in a couple of episodes of Power Rangers.

Also, the horses in Zeo via the footage from the Ohranger movie.

In Gingaman, the heroes each had a horse, but of course they didn't have it in Lost Galaxy. In one episode "Silent Sleep" where Leo fought Chillyfish with a horse, this was footage from Gingaman.

Ah, yes, I forgot about the Forever Red Horses on the moon, ridden by the Machine Empire a.k.a. Beetle Borgs.

In both Magiranger and Mystic Force, they used a real horse for the same mechanical kind (Valkyrion/Catastros). In "Legendary Castastros," Nick was stuck in a dimension with the black horse Castastros, filmed in New Zealand.

I couldn't find the Power Rangers picture, but Daggeron brought Brightstar, riding on a white unicorn.

In Shinkenger, there was a horse or two and also in the movie, Power Rangers Samurai, has horses in CLash of the Red Rangers, Red Ranger has a horse in Origins Part 1, The Great Duel, Evil Reborn and other episodes.


Alex said...

(Long time Henshin Grid reader, first time commenter)
Just re-watching Forever Red, when I noticed that the Machine Empire used horses on the moon to chase Andros (yes this really happens). Just thought I'd share my find :)

Unknown said...

What about the Piranhatrons in the Turbo Movie?