Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Six Degrees of... the Power Rangers #5 - Kevin Bacon

Josh Frisch said...
Kevin Bacon was in The Air I Breathe with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Sophia Crawford
She was the stuntwoman for Buffy and Kimberly.

I tweaked it a bit.

Peter said...
Kevin Bacon was in Apollo 13 with Gary Sinise, who stars in CSI: NY
in which Erin Cahill guest starred in during one episode.

ThatChick said...
Kevin Bacon was in my Dog Skip, with Frankie Muniz, who was in Malcolm in the Middle with Bryan Cranston, who did some voice-over roles of some of the monsters on Power Rangers. BOOM!

Henshin0 recommended to me Richard Machowicz
Simone said:

Richard Machowicz is going to be on the newest season of Deadliest Warrior, which Jason Faunt (Alex/Wes PRTF) was in one episode in season 2 playing Alexander the Great.


Unknown said...

These are a lot of fun!!! Please do more!!!

henshin0 said...

now try Melissa Fahn

henshin0 said...

also, i dare you to try Al Pacino