Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go-kaiMachine and Goseiger Rumors

Upcoming Go-kaiMachine Rumors
This is not for sure and not sealed in stone as of yet.

Bakuryuu Tyrannosaurus

a mix of Shogozyu Tyrannosaurus and Bakuryuu Tyrannosaurus
(Aba GoukaiOh and Zyu GoukaiOh would be formed)

Enjin Speedor
a mix of Enjin Speedor and Turbo GT
(Go-On GoukaiOh and Turbo GoukaiOh would be formed)

A mix of HurricaneHawk and JetHawk
(Hurricane GoukaiOh and Jet GoukaiOh would be formed)

Goseiger Rumors
Burebodan is rumored to be the final villain and there is a lot of rumors about him. First rumor is that he is a fallen angel, one much like Master Head. Another rumor is that he took over Magis' dead body and that Burebodan will split up, into Magi and Burebodan's true form apparently. Another rumor is that Burebodan will take over GoseiKnight's body, letting Magi go. One confirmed rumor is that we will be getting evil GoseiKnight but not sure if it is Burebodan taking over his body or him turned evil. Some people on the boards already don't like the rumors that Burebodan was using Magis body and others don't believe GoseiKnight is dead. I don't know, I'll wait and see.


ORION said...

Coincidently, Befor you posted that Gosei Rumor, i kept thinking that Bledoran WAS a fallen Angel

Lavender Ranger said...

Orion, I had a feeling that Bledoran was gonna be the last villain or 'big boss' since he was a common thread but I didn't figure the angel angle.